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This plugin commits your time spent in Kakoune to WakaTime! It'll try to use the system-wide WakaTime executable, a locally-installed one, or to download it itself. If it doesn't manage any of this, it should display an error, although UI elements in Kakoune might get a bit unpredictable with timings. Either way, things will be logged in the *debug* buffer, so check it when installing the plugin.

Basically, once WakaTime is configured, you shouldn't have to manipulate the plugin, unless you want to disable it temporarily, which you can do with rmhooks global WakaTime.


You may put wakatime.kak in your autoload repository, located at $XDG_CONFIG_HOME/kak/autoload, or in the system autoload directory, at /usr/share/kak/autoload, or one of their subdirectories. Beware as a system-wide installation will only match with a system-wide installation of WakaTime itself.

Added keywords

  • option wakatime_file: The path to your WakaTime configuration file. (Default: ~/.wakatime.cfg)
  • option wakatime_options: The contents of this option will be appended when calling the WakaTime CLI.


  • python (Any version should work, this is a dependency of the WakaTime CLI)
  • wakatime (We can download it ourselves if the required packages are present)
  • unzip (Needed only to download WakaTime if not installed)
  • wget (Needed only to download WakaTime if not installed)