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1 parent 457d875 commit c7308402410e89b31e07c6e310de55113c11b2dc @karlbright karlbright committed Oct 18, 2012
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@@ -118,13 +118,13 @@ assigned_security_groups: [default]
# OPTIONAL: Automatically create security groups for each host and role
# EC2 doesn't allow one to change what groups an instance belongs to after
# creation, so its good to have some empty ones predefined.
-auto_security_groups: false
+auto_security_groups: true
# OPTIONAL: Automatically isolate security groups for each appname/environment
# by mangling their names to be appname_env_groupname
# This makes it safer to have staging and production coexist on the same EC2
# account, or even multiple apps
-isolate_security_groups: false
+isolate_security_groups: true
# OPTIONAL: Prompts one to sync security group rules when the ones in amazon
# differ from those in rubber
@@ -154,7 +154,7 @@ stop_on_error_cmd: "function error_exit { exit 99; }; trap error_exit ERR"
# excluding slave roles, but this is not always desired for staging, so you can
# specify a different set here
-# staging_roles: "web,app,db:primary=true"
+staging_roles: "web,app,db:primary=true"
# OPTIONAL: Lets one assign amazon elastic IPs (static IPs) to your instances

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