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Adds Java 8u201 and Apache2 on Port 80
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Quick Start

To run this image from the command line:

docker pull whatsmycut/c7-systemd-j8:latest
docker run -it --privileged --cap-add SYS_ADMIN --rm -p 80:80/tcp -p 443:44
3/tcp whatsmycut/c7-systemd-j8:latest

You can add --entrypoint="/usr/local/dev/ before the image name to fully start up and enter into a shell after setting the root password to whatever you like.

Project Info

Based on the whatsmycut/c7-systemd enhanced CentOS:7 dockerized core, this image adds Java 8u201 and Apache2 on Port 80 from source distributions with default configuration files located in /usr/local/java/ and /usr/local/apache2 respectively.

The httpd.service file is used to create the Apache2 daemon by systemd during initialization, and is located in the /etc/systemd/system/ directory.

The httpd.conf file is the default Apache2 optimized configuration file, and is located in the /usr/local/apache2/conf/ directory.

The default DocumentRoot is located in the /usr/local/apache2/htdocs/ directory, and can be overridden using .htaccess files in any given subdirectory. The user and group for Apache is www:www.

Adding PHP

You can add PHP to the server by following the instructions to login as root above, then run /usr/local/dev/ (This takes a while, so grab a tasty beverage.)

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