Vagrant file for developing React/Redux repos WhatsMyCut/u235core and WhatsMyCut/u235ctrl
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Download & Install

Download and install Vagrant, VirtualBox, and Docker

git clone
cd reactor
vagrant box add ubuntu/trusty64 #this will take a while


Create the Vagrantfile

This repo comes with an example Vagrantfile. To use it as is simply copy it

# bash
cp Vagrantfile.example Vagrantfile

Add ssh keys from the host machine

Run ssh-add on the host machine prior to starting the guest machine to ensure the ssh keys of the host machine are accessible by Vagrant and inside the guest machine.

Start the Vagrant virtual box

vagrant up #this will take a while

SSH into the vagrant machine:

vagrant ssh

The u235core and u235ctrl repos will be cloned into repos within the u235 project during Vagrant provisioning.

Insde the Vagrant machine:

When Docker containers are run via docker-compose a new network is created for the services within the docker-compose.yml. To allow containers from different projects to communicate they need to be a part of the same network.

To assist with orchestrating this an u235 docker network will be created as part of provisioning for the VM. u235 projects that use docker should have configuration that makes use of that network. If it does not set:

docker network create u235

View an example docker-compose.yml

Once containers are in the same network they can be referenced by others using their container name or container id. (i.e. curl u235email/health). Unfortunately docker doesn't handle duplicate container names for you so you must stop and remove existing containers with the desired name before starting new ones.

This repo provides a couple of scripts, u235dev, which launches containers for development (with a bash shell)

To work on u235core, for example:

cd /vagrant/repos/u235core

FIRST RUN: set up the docker container

docker-compose build # this will take a while

Start the development environment:

Now, start the container instances:

u235dev u235core