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Forms plugin for Wheelhouse CMS
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Forms Plugin for Wheelhouse CMS

Screenshot of forms plugin

This gem makes it easy to add customizable forms (such as contact forms) into your Wheelhouse CMS site, via an easy-to-use form builder. Form submissions are saved within the CMS and may optionally be emailed to one or more recipients.

The following field types are supported:

  • single-line text (with HTML5 input types)
  • text areas
  • select/dropdown box
  • single checkboxes
  • checkbox set
  • radio button set
  • US/Australian states dropdown
  • countries dropdown
  • HTML content
  • custom fields
  • nesting within field sets

Other features include:

  • server-side and HTML5 form validation
  • CSV export of submissions
  • optional spam filtering (via Akismet)

Installation & Usage

1. Add wheelhouse-forms to your Gemfile:

gem "wheelhouse-forms"

Then run bundle install.

2. Create a new form from the New Page dropdown.

3. To customize, copy the form.html.haml template from app/templates to your theme templates folder.

Spam Filtering with Akismet

Spam filtering support requires an Akismet API key. Sign up for one at

1. Add rakismet to your Gemfile:

gem "rakismet"

Then run bundle install.

2. Add your Akismet API key and web site URL to config/application.rb.

config.rakismet.key = "1234abcd1234"
config.rakismet.url = ""

3. Restart your Rails server. The forms plugin will automatically use Rakismet if it is configured.

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