Provides syntax registering post-skript loading.
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Provides syntax registering post-skript loading.


/skript-hack <true/false> : Toggles to open/close Skript's registrations.

Skript Syntax

Enable Hack - (enable|start)[ the] skript(-| )hack
Disable Hack - (disable|stop)[ the] skript(-| )hack

Developer API

skript-hack provides an API for developers to load their syntax after Skript is done accepting new syntax. This could be used in the case of a server owner trying to load a skript addon via an external plugin loader.

SkriptHack.enableRegistrations() - Enables the SkriptHack allowing for new registrations.

SkriptHack.disableRegistrations() - Disables the SkriptHack denying any new registrations.

//Example Use
if (Skript.isAcceptRegistrations()) {
  //Load your syntax
} else {
    if (Bukkit.getPluginManager().getPlugin("skript-hack") == null) { //Make sure the user has this plugin.
        //Disable your plugin, or inform them that you support this plugin.
    try {
        SkriptHack.enableRegistrations(); //Enable's Skript's registrations so your syntax can load [post skript-init]
        //Load your syntax
        SkriptHack.disableRegistrations(); //Closes Skript's registrations
    } catch (NoSuchFieldException | IllegalAccessException e) {