Lambda methods mistaken as function #613

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Consider the following program:

type mymethod is method()->(int)

method m()->mymethod:
    &int x = new 1
    return &(->(*x))

Doesn't compile, as the type checker says that we return a function where a method is expected.

Change the type declaration to type mymethod is function()->(int), and then the compiler complains that dereference is not permitted in functions.

Related to #611


Chaning the return statement to return &(->(*x) + *(new 0)) makes it compile, because it is then detected as method. Looks like only new expressions make a lambda to a method right now.


Yeah, this is to do with the rather awkward may that methods are inferred for lambdas. Having an explicit syntax to indicate that a lambda is a function or method would be another solution.

But, I still think that the subtyping option makes sense.

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