This is an image converter that I created to convert images for Space Engineers
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Where do I get the program?

Download the program HERE


This is an application that I created to convert images to monospace pixel strings for Space Engineers.

If you modify this, please credit me :)

This is my first windows app, and I spent a lot of time on this. I hope y'all enjoy!




This code utilizes a variety of dithering methods to convert each pixel from a 24 bit color into a 9 bit color. By reducing the number of colors in an image, we can use the color pixels in the Monospace font in Space Engineers to "draw" the image on a text panel without the need for mods.

How to use

  1. Browse for your desired image file.

  2. Select resizing option.

  3. Select dithering option.

  4. Click "Convert".

  5. Copy and Paste all of the text in the "Converted String" output into your in-game LCD panel. Make the font size 0.1 and the font MONOSPACED.