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  • Clone this repository (navigate to its location),
  • copy the .env.example to .env and fill the required values,
  • install what's needed: npm i,
  • run the application: npm run local

Whir should now be running on the specified port.

You can also start whir with npm start. In this case, however, you will need to export the right environment variables. (Same as defined in .env)

Take it for a spin


Start chatting as soon as your Heroku instance is deployed:

  • Get the whir client: npm i -g,
  • connect to your server: -u [username] -h [your Heroku URL],
  • enjoy!


As you may have noticed, whir does not implement an actual HTTPS server, this is because whir was mainly written to run on Heroku and Heroku's SSL termination occurs at its load balancers; thus the application remains a non-HTTPS server.

Visit for more information.