This repository contains issues related to the management of all Whitaker Lab projects
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Whitaker Lab Project Management


This repository contains issues related to the management of all Whitaker Lab projects along with weekly progress records for all lab members and collaborators.

Check out the roadmap for more information.

Working open

At the Whitaker lab we are dedicated to working as openly as possible. We believe that our endeavors will be more successful through clear communication and collaboration than by keeping secrets. This repository is designed to showcase our "work in progress". You're welcome to help out along the way!

We may have private repositories if our collaborators are more comfortable with restricted working on some projects, but we aspire to "be the change" and demonstrate open working practices wherever possible.


If you're new to the lab, check out the Onboarding repository which will talk you through the different exercises and actions for your first few weeks in the lab.

License and code of conduct

All content in this repository is openly licensed with a CC BY 4.0, which means you're free to use the materials and remix them so long as you credit the source.

For example, if you were to use content from this repo in your own project management lab guide, you'd attribute the Whitaker Lab with a sentence like:

The material in Dr. Mystery's Lab Guide is partially derived from "Whitaker Lab Project Management" by Dr. Kirstie Whitaker and the Whitaker Lab team, used under CC BY 4.0. Dr. Mystery's Lab Guide is licensed under CC BY 4.0 by [Your name here].

More on CC BY 4.0 licensing can be found at Creative Commons.

Our code of conduct requires that everyone who contributes to this repository is respectful of all members of the group. If you do not comply with the code of conduct, you will be asked to cease your participation in this collaborative project.