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QML-rust - bindings for Qt Quick

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Bindings are based on DOtherSide C bindings for QML Library is mostly feature-compliant with other bindings based on the library, but lacks some minor features and has quite a few bugs.


All examples are located in a folder examples/, under and example_name.qml names.

  • cargo run --example properties for setting properties from Rust to QML.
  • cargo run --example listmodel for an example of providing QML with list model from Rust.
  • cargo run --example listmodel_macro for the same example, but using Q_LISTMODEL! and Q_LISTMODEL_ITEM! macro.
  • cargo run --example sigslots for an example of how to create your own QObject with signals and slots, and to communicate between QML and Rust. Also shows how to use Q_OBJECT! macro.
  • cargo run --example qobjects for an example of how to use Q_OBJECT! macro with different types.
  • cargo run --example qvarlists for an example of how to use qvarlist! macro to easily form QVariant (used to pass data to QML) of a complex array.
  • cargo run --example threaded for an example of multithreading.
  • cargo run --example qmlregister for an example of how to register and use your own types from Rust in QML.
  • An example in examples/resources (should be run manually by cargo run) shows how to use qrc resources.

Requires CMake, Make, Qt (Core, Gui, Widgets, Quick), pkg-config (only for OS X and GNU/Linux) and, of course, Rust.

To run tests: RUST_TEST_THREADS=1 cargo test

In-app examples

  • Architect - an app showing some git stats, using qml-rust to provide properties and lists to QML in here.
  • Kefia - A simple package manager, that provides a QListModel to QML, registers a QObject with slots and communicates between QML and Rust, here.



  • Basic initialization and execution.
  • Providing properties to QML files.
  • QAbstractListModels - provides changable models for QML items (early draft, still lacks proper mutability).
  • QObjects: slots, signals (limited properties support). Emitting signals and receiving slots works.
  • Registering your own QML types (singletons or not) from Rust code.

To be done:

  • the library is mostly done, but some stuff is lacking polish, like possible memory leaks or better macro designs.


QML (Qt Quick) bindings for Rust language








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