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@White-Tiger White-Tiger released this Jun 18, 2014 · 277 commits to yg-master since this release

Lots of improvements and fixes compared to my previous release.
Also rebranded as Stoic Joker wished and "removed" him from about screen.

Basically this is a usability and bugfix release.. besides following two feature requests included:

Some improvements include:
Mouse click handler bug fixes (button 4 works now, "Copy to Clipboard" can be set, easier configuration dialog, more possible functions)
Properties window will be on top while having focus (same for Stopwatch)
Improved Stopwatch (stop really stops/pauses and redesigned dialog)
Improved custom Calendar (can now show past X months on opening)
Improved context menu with Windows Vista+ like spelling and options (also try to hold down CTRL or SHIFT while opening ;P)
Added missing .pcb sound files
and much more I don't actually recall just now :P

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