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White Whale

Be the Whale.


  1. migaloo-chain migaloo-chain Public

    Migaloo is a cosmwasm-powered, permissionless blockchain for building decentralized applications.

    Go 41 18

  2. white-whale-core white-whale-core Public

    Core contracts for White Whale, The Interchain Liquidity Protocol for the Cosmos.

    Rust 29 16

  3. white-whale-docs white-whale-docs Public

    Documentation for White Whale V2

    1 3

  4. white-whale-frontend white-whale-frontend Public

    An open-source interface for multiple CosmWasm decentralized exchanges across chains. Additionally there are Pools and Flashloan enabled Vaults deployed on each chain as part of the White Whale's L…

    TypeScript 16 19

  5. white-whale-bots white-whale-bots Public

    A single-chain and multi-dex arbitrage bot the utilizing White Whale flash loans and Skip Protocol.

    TypeScript 76 31


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