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Word-based PHP Markov chain text generator
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Word-based PHP Markov chain text generator

This is a very simple word-based Markov chain text generator written in PHP.



As I didn't find a word-based PHP Markov Chain text generator, I decided to fork a letter-based one to make it. This is a fork of Hay Kranen's Markov chain text generator. Instead of working at the letters level, it works at the words level. See the original posting of the letter-based generator here.

What's the difference?

A letter-based Markov chain text generator generates words based on the probabilities of consecutive letters. Therefore, sometimes, and depending on the order, the generated words are completely made up. A word-based generator makes sure that only existing words of the text corpus are used, the generation works on the probabilities of consecutive words and not letters.


The order is then less relevant, especially for a small text corpus, as it will rely on probabilities of consecutive groups of words. Set the order at less than 4 if you still want something different than complete sentences of the original corpus.


The quiz Who Wrote It: James Joyce or Markov Chains? shows a typical use of such a program for text generation based on an existing corpus, in this case the last part of James Joyce's Ulysses.


The source code of this generator is available under the terms of the MIT license.

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