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Field Data Collector

Field Data Collector is a mobile application to help researchers collect data on the field.


  • πŸš€ Fast data input
  • πŸ’― Multiple entries and multiple columns
  • ⏲️ Automatic storage of date and time on new data input
  • πŸ”„ Last entered data suggestion
  • πŸ’¬ Comments for every data
  • πŸ“‹ Easy setup with categories and models
  • πŸ‘€ Review and edition of data
  • ✏️ Dynamic edition of categories and models
  • πŸ“₯ Download as CSV
  • πŸ“€ Import categories and models from CSV
  • πŸ“² Mobile-first
  • πŸ“Ά Works offline


Try it here from your mobile phone!


Iphone (with Safari) or Android phone (with Google Chrome)

If you have an Iphone or an Android phone with Google Chrome installed, you can easily install Field Data Collector by following these steps:

  1. Open this page with Safari on your Iphone or Google Chrome on your Android phone
  2. In the menu of your browser, click on "Add to Home Screen"
  3. Go to your Home screen and open the Field Data Collector application at least once with an internet connection
  4. You're good to go, even offline!

Other installs

If you have an Android phone and don't want to install Google Chrome or if the above case didn't work, follow these steps:

  1. Download the zip of the project
  2. Unzip the folder in the storage of the phone
  3. Open the index.html file with your web browser on your mobile phone (you will need to allow your browser to access your file system and may need to access the file by browsing to this address: file:///sdcard/)
  4. Bookmark the page in your browser or add it to your home screen to open the app easily
  5. You're good to go, even offline!


If you installed the application using the first method with Safari or Google Chrome, you can get the latest updates of the application by refreshing it when you have an internet connection.

If you followed the other instructions, you'll need to reinstall the application to get the latest updates.


You can contribute, report bugs or ask for features on the Issues page or by mail at loup[at]louphole[dot]com.

Field Data Collector is a progressive web application powered by Vue.js.


Apache License 2.0

Created by BilgΓ© Kimyonok. Copyright 2018.

Icon by Emoji One, CC BY-SA 4.0


A mobile application to help researchers collect data on the field.







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