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@@ -74,6 +74,26 @@ To install Urban Airship, download the SDK and place the entire
To install Google Analytics, download the SDK and place the entire
`Google Analytics SDK` directory inside of `libs/`.
+### Feeds
+The app's content is pulled in from RSS feeds.
+A thumbnail image is displayed in feed list views when the source
+feed <item> has a <media:thumbnail> element. The "width" attribute
+is required; the parser currently ignores thumbnail elements with no width.
+ <item>
+ <media:thumbnail url="" width="320"/>
+ <media:thumbnail url="" width="640"/>
+ </item>
+The optimal size for display is chosen depending on the context (e.g. 640px
+for article feeds on the iPhone 4, or ~70px for photo gallery thumbnails on the
+iPhone 3GS) and screen density.
NOTE: Setting up the application and configuring it for use in your
organization's context requires iOS development experience. The
application ships with a similar design to what is used in the White

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