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Make sure we include mysql in the install. Update readme with informa…

…tion about the three current projects, how to get prereqs, and how to build/install them
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@@ -3,7 +3,7 @@ all: memcached mysql mongodb
clean: clean_memcached clean_mongodb clean_mysql
-install: install_memcached install_mongodb
+install: install_memcached install_mysql install_mongodb
## Memcached
@@ -5,5 +5,44 @@ mechanisms, caches, and databases.
ParrotStore requires Parrot, Winxed and Rosella. Make sure you have all these
things built and installed on your system.
-The first storage mechanism to be supported is Memcached. Other mechanisms will
-be supported in the future.
+## Memcached
+To build memcached library:
+ make memcached
+ make install_memcached
+This adds "parrotstore/memcached.pbc" to your lib directory
+## MySQL
+You must have `libmysqlclient` installed on your machine in a standard place.
+Debian users can probably use something like:
+ apt-get install libmysqlclient-dev
+To build the MySQL bindings:
+ make mysql
+ make install_mysql
+# MongoDB
+You must have the MongoDB C Driver installed on your system. Here's the
+incantation I used to get it, your mileage may vary:
+ git clone mongo-c-driver
+ cd mongo-c-driver
+ git checkout v0.5
+ scons
+ make install
+I do not know how the API changes across versions, but version 0.5 seems to work
+well enough and is what I am testing against locally.
+To build the MongoDB bindings:
+ make mongodb
+ make install_mongodb

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