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## Stable Libraries
-These libraries are considered stable enough for most uses. These are all
-tested and documented.
-1. Core (rosella/core.pbc)
-2. Action (rosella/action.pbc)
-3. Container (rosella/container.pbc)
-4. Test (rosella/test.pbc)
-5. TAP Harness (rosella/tap_harness.pbc)
-6. Proxy (rosella/proxy.pbc)
-7. Mock Object (rosella/mockobject.pbc)
-8. Event (rosella/event.pbc)
-9. Winxed (rosella/winxed.pbc)
-10. Memoize (rosella/memoize.pbc)
-11. Query (rosella/query.pbc)
-12. FileSystem (rosella/filesystem.pbc)
-13. Path (rosella/path.pbc)
-14. String (rosella/string.pbc)
+Several libraries are marked "Stable". These are the libraries which are
+considered to be the normal part of Rosella. Stable libraries are considered
+to be stable and usable, are documented and are tested.
## Libraries in Development

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