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+Several parts of Rosella, specifically the xunit-based tests, parts of the
+mock object library, and several individual routines throughout are based on
+the work of Austin Hastings in the Kakapo project.
+Parts of the tap_harness library are influenced by the TAPIR project by
+Jonathan Leto and the distutils library by François Perrad.
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Rosella is not a framework and is not monolithic. Rosella is offered as a
collection of individual libraries with very few dependencies between them.
The goal is to be able to provide small features to programmers who want them
-without burdening with the overhead of unneeded features.
+without burdening anybody with unwanted overhead.
-# Getting, Building, Testing, and Installing
+# Getting Rosella
git clone Rosella
- cd Rosella
+# Building Rosella
+To build Rosella, the preferred method is to use Winxed:
+ winxed setup.winxed build
+ winxed setup.winxed test
+ winxed setup.winxed install
+If you do not have winxed, Parrot ships with NQP which can also be used:
parrot-nqp setup.nqp build
- parrot-nqp t/harness
+ parrot-nqp setup.nqp test
parrot-nqp setup.nqp install
+The libraries built using both methods should both operate identically and
+should pass all the same tests. However, the winxed method may expose
+additional functionality or build additional winxed-only libraries which the
+NQP version does not build.
# Component Libraries
-Rosella is composed of the following libraries:
+Rosella is composed of several libraries. Some are relatively mature, stable,
+usable, and tested. Some are still young, in development, or unstable.
-## Core (rosella/core.pbc)
+## Stable Libraries
+### Core (rosella/core.pbc)
A small core library that provides utilities for the other libraries. Not
necessarily intended for public use (but nobody is stopping you!)
-## Action (rosella/action.pbc)
+### Action (rosella/action.pbc)
A Command/Action pattern library. You can bundle actions up as objects and
invoke them at a later time.
-## Event (rosella/event.pbc)
+### Container (rosella/container.pbc)
+A dependency injection (DI) and inversion of control (IoC) container library.
+### xUnit Tests (rosella/xunit.pbc)
+A unit testing library in the spirit of xUnit.
+### TAP Harness (rosella/tap_harness.pbc)
+A library for quickly and easily building TAP testing harnesses.
+## Libraries in Development
+### Event (rosella/event.pbc)
A multicast event system. Objects can subscribe to events by name, and can
receive notifications later when those events are triggered.
-## Test (rosella/test.pbc)
+### Test (rosella/test.pbc)
A simple TAP test library modeled on Test::Builder and Test::More
-## xUnit Tests (rosella/xunit.pbc)
+### Prototype (rosella/prototype.pbc)
-A unit testing library in the spirit of xUnit.
+A system for managing object prototypes.
-## TAP Harness (rosella/tap_harness.pbc)
+### Query (rosella/query.pbc)
-A library for quickly and easily building TAP testing harnesses.
+A library with query/search routines for working with aggregate objects.
-## Prototype (rosella/prototype.pbc)
+### Proxy (rosella/proxy.pbc)
-A system for managing object prototypes.
+A library for building proxy objects with a variety of properties and
+### Mock Object (rosella/mockobject.pbc)
+A library with mock objects for use in unit testing.
# Influences
-Rosella is influenced by a number of other libraries and technologies.
+Rosella is influenced by a number of other libraries and technologies. A list
+of contributors and specific points of influence will be listed in the
+"CREDITS" file.

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