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Jaesop JavaScript on Parrot

Jaesop is JavaScript on Parrot. It is an experimental playground. It probably does not work, is not the best solution to the problem, and is not stable or usable. Awesome.


The current architecture for the "stage0" section borrows code from zaach/cafe. It uses Jison to parse JavaScript with JavaScript to produce an ast. It transforms that ast into a new tree form called "wast". From there, it will attempt to output Winxed code.

If this strategy works works well, it will be used as a stage 0 of a bootstrapped js compiler. The winxed version will be used to parse a stage1, written in JavaScript. Stage 1 will be used to compile itself for stage 2.

If it does not work, I'll delete it, claim it never happened, and try something else.

Currently, I only have a stage zero compiler, and it's only partially implemented.


You need a modern Parrot and Winxed installed. Rosella, a separate Winxed runtime library, is used to implement the unit tests and test harness. Currently this is optional and is only required if you want to run tests. In the future Rosella may be required for more things.

To build and run stage 0 you need node.js and Jison.


To build the stage0 compiler and stage0 runtime, do this:


To use the stage0 compiler to compile JavaScript to Winxed, do this:

node js2wxst0.js -o output.winxed input.js

Or, you can use pipes:

node js2wxst0.js input.js > output.winxed

If you are hacking and want to see the AST and WAST structures, you can use the --astdebug option:

node js2wxst0.js --astdebug input.js

To run the automated test suite:

make test