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=head1 NAME
Glue.pir - Rakudo "glue" builtins (functions/globals) converted for NQP
# Load this library
# I/O
$contents := slurp($filename);
spew( $filename, $contents);
append($filename, $contents);
# Regular expressions
$regex_object := rx($regex_source);
@matches := all_matches($regex, $text);
$edited := subst($original, $regex, $replacement);
# Global variables;
our @ARGS;
our %ENV;
our %VM;
our $OS;
our $OSVER;
.namespace []
.include 'interpinfo.pasm'
.include 'sysinfo.pasm'
.include 'iglobals.pasm'
=head2 Functions
=over 4
=item $contents := slurp($filename)
Read the C<$contents> of a file as a single string.
.sub 'slurp'
.param string filename
.local string contents
$P0 = open filename, 'r'
contents = $P0.'readall'()
close $P0
=item spew($filename, $contents)
Write the string C<$contents> to a file.
.sub 'spew'
.param string filename
.param string contents
$P0 = open filename, 'w'
close $P0
=item append($filename, $contents)
Append the string C<$contents> to a file.
.sub 'append'
.param string filename
.param string contents
$P0 = open filename, 'a'
close $P0
=item $regex_object := rx($regex_source)
Compile C<$regex_source> (a string representing the source code form of a
Perl 6 Regex) into a C<$regex_object>, suitable for using in C<match()> and
.sub 'rx'
.param string source
.local pmc p6regex, object
p6regex = compreg 'PGE::Perl6Regex'
object = p6regex(source)
=item @matches := all_matches($regex, $text)
Find all matches (C<:g> style, not C<:exhaustive>) for C<$regex> in the
C<$text>. The C<$regex> must be a regex object returned by C<rx()>.
.sub 'all_matches'
.param pmc regex
.param string text
# Find all matches in the original string
.local pmc matches, match
matches = root_new ['parrot';'ResizablePMCArray']
match = regex(text)
unless match goto done_matching
push matches, match
$I0 = match.'to'()
match = regex(match, 'continue' => $I0)
unless match goto done_matching
goto match_loop
=item $edited := subst($original, $regex, $replacement)
Substitute all matches of the C<$regex> in the C<$original> string with the
C<$replacement>, and return the edited string. The C<$regex> must be a regex
object returned by the C<rx()> function.
The C<$replacement> may be either a simple string or a sub that will be called
with each match object in turn, and must return the proper replacement string
for that match.
.sub 'subst'
.param string original
.param pmc regex
.param pmc replacement
# Find all matches in the original string
.local pmc matches
matches = all_matches(regex, original)
# Do the substitutions on a clone of the original string
.local string edited
edited = clone original
# Now replace all the matched substrings
.local pmc match
.local int offset
offset = 0
unless matches goto done_replacing
match = shift matches
# Handle either string or sub replacement
.local string replace_string
$I0 = isa replacement, 'Sub'
if $I0 goto call_replacement_sub
replace_string = replacement
goto have_replace_string
replace_string = replacement(match)
# Perform the replacement
$I0 = match.'from'()
$I1 = match.'to'()
$I2 = $I1 - $I0
$I0 += offset
substr edited, $I0, $I2, replace_string
$I3 = length replace_string
$I3 -= $I2
offset += $I3
goto replace_loop
=item $joined := join($delimiter, @strings)
Join C<@strings> together with the specified C<$delimiter>.
.sub 'join'
.param string delim
.param pmc strings
.local string joined
joined = join delim, strings
.return (joined)
=item @pieces := split($delimiter, $original)
Split the C<$original> string with the specified C<$delimiter>, which is not
included in the resulting C<@pieces>.
.sub 'split'
.param string delim
.param string original
.local pmc pieces
pieces = split delim, original
.return (pieces)
=head2 Global Variables
=over 4
Name of running program (argv[0] in C)
=item @ARGS
Program's command line arguments (including options, which are NOT parsed)
=item %VM
Parrot configuration
=item %ENV
Process-wide environment variables
=item $OS
Operating system generic name
=item $OSVER
Operating system version
.sub 'onload' :anon :load :init
load_bytecode 'config.pbc'
$P0 = getinterp
$P2 = new ['Hash']
$P2['config'] = $P1
set_hll_global '%VM', $P2
if $P1 goto have_args
unshift $P1, '<anonymous>'
$S0 = shift $P1
$P2 = box $S0
set_hll_global '$PROGRAM_NAME', $P2
set_hll_global '@ARGS', $P1
$P0 = root_new ['parrot';'Env']
set_hll_global '%ENV', $P0
$S0 = sysinfo .SYSINFO_PARROT_OS
$P0 = box $S0
set_hll_global '$OS', $P0
$P0 = box $S0
set_hll_global '$OSVER', $P0
# Local Variables:
# mode: pir
# fill-column: 100
# End:
# vim: expandtab shiftwidth=4 ft=pir: