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=head1 TITLE
matrixy.pir - A Matrixy compiler.
=head2 Description
This is the base file for the Matrixy compiler. Matrixy
is intended to be a clone of MATLAB/Octave for Parrot. See
F<README.POD> for more information about this language.
This file includes the parsing and grammar rules from
the src/ directory, loads the relevant PGE libraries,
and registers the compiler under the name 'Matrixy'.
=head2 Functions
=over 4
=item onload()
Creates the Matrixy compiler using a C<PCT::HLLCompiler>
#.HLL 'matrixy'
.namespace [ 'Matrixy';'Compiler' ]
.sub '__onload' :anon :load :init
load_bytecode 'PCT.pbc'
$P0 = get_hll_global ['PCT'], 'HLLCompiler'
$P1 = $P0.'new'()
$P0 = get_hll_namespace ['Matrixy';'Grammar']
$P0 = get_hll_namespace ['Matrixy';'Grammar';'Actions']
$P1.'commandline_prompt'("\nmatrixy:1> ")
$P1.'commandline_banner'("Matrixy, version 0.1.\nCopyright (C) 2009 See LICENSE for details")
# TODO: This function is an initialization step for the parser. We should
# initialize the parser so that state is not stored from one parse
# to the next. Find a way to add this automatically into the
# HLLCompiler object
# TODO: The Matrixy::Grammar::Actions namespace is just for items that are
# used by the parser. Everything else should go to other places
.sub '__initglobals'
# Parser data fields that we use to keep track of blocks
$P0 = new 'ResizablePMCArray'
set_hll_global ['Matrixy';'Grammar';'Actions'], '@?BLOCK', $P0
$P0 = new 'Undef'
set_hll_global ['Matrixy';'Grammar';'Actions'], '$?BLOCK', $P0
$P0 = new 'ResizablePMCArray'
set_hll_global ['Matrixy';'Grammar';'Actions'], '@?MATRIXLITERAL', $P0
$P0 = box -1
set_hll_global ['Matrixy';'Grammar';'Actions'], '$?MATRIXWIDTH', $P0
$P0 = box 0
set_hll_global ['Matrixy';'Grammar';'Actions'], '$?MATRIXHEIGHT', $P0
$P0 = box 0
set_hll_global ['Matrixy';'Grammar';'Actions'], '$?MATRIXSTRING', $P0
$P0 = box 0
set_hll_global ['Matrixy';'Grammar';'Actions'], '$?MATRIXSQUARE', $P0
$P0 = box 0
set_hll_global ['Matrixy';'Grammar';'Actions'], '$?LVALUECELL', $P0
# list of functions that we've compiled. We cache them to prevent needing
# to recompile.
# TODO: This isn't part of the parser, find a better namespace to hold this
$P1 = new 'Hash'
set_hll_global ['Matrixy';'Grammar';'Actions'], '%?FUNCTIONS', $P1
# TODO: This isn't part of the parser, find a better namespace to hold this
# TODO: !dispatch to "path()" to do this.
# default path is set to current directory
$P2 = new 'ResizablePMCArray'
$P2[0] = "."
$P2[1] = "toolbox/"
set_hll_global ['Matrixy';'Grammar';'Actions'], '@?PATH', $P2
# list of global variables defined with the "global" keyword
$P3 = new 'Hash'
set_hll_global ['Matrixy';'Grammar';'Actions'], '%?GLOBALS', $P3
# TODO: We need a much better way to handle NARGIN. Might want to use
# :call_sig and process all our own arguments
# list to keep track of arguments to a function so we can populate
$P0 = new 'ResizablePMCArray'
set_hll_global ['Matrixy';'Grammar';'Actions'], '@?PARAMS', $P0
.sub '__load_pla'
.local pmc pla
pla = loadlib "linalg_group"
unless null pla goto linalg_group_loaded
_error_all("Cannot find linalg_group library. Do you have parrot-linear-algebra installed?")
# TODO: Find a better namespace to store this in, if we need to store
# it at all
push_eh cannot_create_matrix
$P0 = new ['NumMatrix2D']
set_hll_global ['Matrixy';'Grammar';'Actions'], '$PLA', pla
_error_all("Cannot create NumMatrix2D PMC. Do you have parrot-linear-algebra installed?")
=item main(args :slurpy) :main
Start compilation by passing any command line C<args>
to the Matrixy compiler.
.include "errors.pasm"
.sub 'main' :main
.param pmc args
# TODO: We might want to add this sequence as a method on the compiler
# object, so we can call it from a library load too.
# load start up file
$P0 = null
'!dispatch'('matrixyrc', $P0, 1, 1, 1)
$P0 = compreg 'matrixy'
$P1 = $P0.'command_line'(args)
.include 'src/gen_internals.pir'
.include 'src/gen_builtins.pir'
.include 'src/gen_grammar.pir'
.include 'src/gen_actions.pir'
.include 'src/gen_classes.pir'