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=head1 ABOUT
This file implements some basic routines for working with multidimensional
matrix objects. These are, at least at first, nested ResizablePMCArray objects.
=head2 Caveats
At the moment, only covers matrices with a dimension of 1 or 2. No 3-D matrices.
=over 4
=item !get_first_string(PMC x)
Returns a string from the argument. If x is a String PMC, return that. If it
is an array or matrix PMC, return the first element as a string. Otherwise,
throw an error that no strings are found.
.sub '!get_first_string'
.param pmc x
$S0 = typeof x
if $S0 == 'String' goto arg_string
if $S0 == 'CharMatrix2D' goto arg_matrix
'error'("Expected string argument not found")
$S0 = x
$S0 = x[0]
=item !get_for_loop_iteration_array
Get an object suitable for use with an iterative "for" loop.
Matrix types are not iterable. Take the items from the first row of the
matrix and put them into an array for iteration.
.sub '!get_for_loop_iteration_array'
.param pmc m
$I0 = does m, "matrix"
if $I0 == 1 goto have_matrix
.local pmc array
.local int rows
.local int cols
.local int idx
$P0 = getattribute m, "rows"
rows = $P0
$P0 = getattribute m, "cols"
cols = $P0
array = new ['ResizablePMCArray']
if rows == 0 goto return_array
if cols == 0 goto return_array
idx = 0
$I0 = 0 # current column number
$I1 = 0 # current row number
$P0 = m[$I1;$I0]
array[idx] = $P0
inc idx
inc $I1
if $I1 < rows goto row_loop_top
inc $I0
if $I0 < cols goto col_loop_top