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== ABOUT ==
MediaWiki-BookDesign is a graphical book development extension for the
MediaWiki software. It allows the creation of large structured books
using an intuitive graphical outline-based interface.
MediaWiki-BookDesign is released under the terms of the GPLv2. See the
file LICENSE for details.
Requires MediaWiki 1.14.0. Originally developed with version 1.14.0, it may
work with other versions but has not been tested.
Copy the contents of the distribution to the "extensions" directory of your
MediaWiki installation. Add the following line of code to your
LocalSettings.php file:
include_once( "$IP/extensions/BookDesigner/BookDesigner.php" );
Adds a new "Special:BookDesigner" page to MediaWiki.
For more information, contact wknight8111 at gmail.
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