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== About ==

The EmbedVideo extension is used to embed flash videos from video hosting
sites such as YouTube.com into a MediaWiki wiki website. It adds parser
functions {{#ev:}} and {{#evp:}} which can be added to pages to embed videos
in the wiki page.

For more information about EmbedVideo, to download, to contribute, and to
report bugs and problems, visit the GitHub project page:


=== History ===

The original version of EmbedVideo was created by Jim R. Wilson. That version
was later forked by Mohammed Derakhshani as the EmbedVideoPlus extension. In
early 2010 Andrew Whitworth took over active maintenance of both extensions
and merged them together as "EmbedVideo".

The newer versions of EmbedVideo are intended to be fully backwards-compatible
with both older EmbedVideo and EmbedVideoPlus extensions.

== License ==

EmbedVideo is released under the MIT license


See LICENSE for more details

== Installation ==

=== Download ===

There are three places to download the EmbedVideo extension. The first is
directly from its GitHub project page, where active development takes place.
If you have git, you can use this incantation to check out a read-only copy
of the extension source:

    git clone git://github.com/Whiteknight/mediawiki-embedvideo.git

Downloadable archive packages for numbered releases will also be available
from the github project page.

You can also download a snapshot version, typically representing a beta test
version or a final release from the mediawiki svn repository:

    svn co http://svn.wikimedia.org/svnroot/mediawiki/trunk/extensions/EmbedVideo

Versions of EmbedVideo targetted towards tagged releases of mediawiki may also
be available in the mediawiki svn repository under the specific tagged

=== Installation Instructions ===

# Download the contents of the extension, as outlined above.
# Create an EmbedVideo folder in the extensions/ folder of your MediaWiki
# Copy the contents of this distribution into that folder
# Add the following line to your LocalSettings.php:

    require_once( "$IP/extensions/EmbedVideo/EmbedVideo.php" );

== Supported Sites ==

EmbedVideo supports several video hosting sites. Some of the more popular ones

    youtube (regular and HD videos)
    google video

For a complete list of of supported sites, see the EmbedVideo wiki at


== Credits ==

The original version of EmbedVideo was written by Jim R. Wilson. Additional
changes and modifications made by Andrew Whitworth and other contributors.

See CREDITS for details