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+=== History ===
+The original version of EmbedVideo was created by Jim R. Wilson. That version
+was later forked by Mohammed Derakhshani as the EmbedVideoPlus extension. In
+early 2010 Andrew Whitworth took over active maintenance of both extensions
+and merged them together as "EmbedVideo".
+The newer versions of EmbedVideo are intended to be fully backwards-compatible
+with both older EmbedVideo and EmbedVideoPlus extensions.
== License ==
EmbedVideo is released under the MIT license
@@ -20,6 +30,30 @@ See LICENSE for more details
== Installation ==
+=== Download ===
+There are three places to download the EmbedVideo extension. The first is
+directly from its GitHub project page, where active development takes place.
+If you have git, you can use this incantation to check out a read-only copy
+of the extension source:
+ git clone git://
+Downloadable archive packages for numbered releases will also be available
+from the github project page.
+You can also download a snapshot version, typically representing a beta test
+version or a final release from the mediawiki svn repository:
+ svn co
+Versions of EmbedVideo targetted towards tagged releases of mediawiki may also
+be available in the mediawiki svn repository under the specific tagged
+=== Installation Instructions ===
+# Download the contents of the extension, as outlined above.
# Create an EmbedVideo folder in the extensions/ folder of your MediaWiki
# Copy the contents of this distribution into that folder

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