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+title: GSOC Proposals Received
+The GSOC 2012 proposal deadline has come and gone. We've received several
+project proposals, although only half a dozen are serious, honest, plausible
+proposals. We have a few days now to rank them, comment on them, and assign
+potential mentors to them. When we find out how many slots Google is able to
+assign to us, we'll be able to pick out which ones will be worked on this
+Here's a list of the decent-looking proposals we've received:
+* **Jaesop Stage 1 Compiler and Runtime** by **mayank**. mayank intends to
+ fix up the last remaining bits of stage 0, then get started on a
+ Javascript-compiler-in-Javascript stage 1. By the end of the summer I think
+ it's very plausible that he could have a self-hosting compiler for most of the
+ JavaScript language and at least a start on the basic runtime. If he keeps
+ the abstraction boundaries nice and clean, after the summer is over we should
+ be well primed to start upgrading bits of the internals to use 6model and
+ PACT, when those two projects are ready to be used there.
+* **LAPACK Bindings for Parrot-Linear-Algebra** by **jashwanth**. This is
+ something I've wanted to add to PLA since the beginning of that project, and
+ an absolute necessity if I ever want to get back to my dream of writing an
+ M language compiler for Parrot. jashwanth has proposed assing LAPACK bindings
+ to PLA (via NCI) and implementing a nice interface for some of the most
+ important transformations, decompositions and operations provided by that
+ library. He also intends to provide a few pure-parrot backup implementations
+ for cases when LAPACK isn't available but we still need to get work done. It's
+ an open-ended project that can be done in small, discrete chunks.
+* **6model Integration** by **benabik**. We know we want 6model, and we know
+ benabik has the chops to pull it off. He is still working on his thesis AND
+ is expecting a baby this summer, but somehow I still don't feel like it's
+ an undoable project. His proposal is to integrate 6model into Parrot's core
+ and start transitioning our existing PMCs to use 6model instead (and abandon
+ most of our current object model).
+* **PACT Assembly** by **benabik**. Yes, benabik has submitted two proposals.
+ This one is the start of PACT; something that, like 6model, we know we want.
+ benabik, considering PACT was his brain child and he's getting his PhD in
+ compiler-related topics, is uniquely qualified to pull this one off and
+ make it shine. The real question is which one of his two proposals we as a
+ community want him to work on more (I'm already personally signed up to
+ do whichever one he doesn't pick, so it shouldn't be a loss either way). PACT,
+ as I've talked about before, is intended to be a large modular library of
+ compiler tools and building blocks, so there is ample room to expand the
+ project if things are going unusually well.
+* **Security Sandbox** by **Justin**. Security sandboxing is something that
+ we've wanted, to varying degrees, for years. Justin has proposed to at least
+ get us started with proper security and implement as many permissions and
+ restrictions as he has time for. It's a project that we can consider to be
+ a "success" if even half of what gets proposed actually gets completed, and
+ there is plenty of room to build on if his momentum gets up.
+* **Mod_Parrot 2.0** by **brrt**. ModParrot, the Parrot module for the Apache
+ webserver hasn't been actively maintained in some time, and has fallen into
+ disrepair following many of the internals changes to Parrot in the past few
+ years. brrt has proposed an update to ModParrot to use the new and more
+ stable embedding API. This is another modular project that can grow if his
+ development speed stays high to include all sorts of helper libraries,
+ driver programs, plugins for HLLs (Rakudo in particular) and other things.
+ Most valuable at all may be his plans for implementing an automated test
+ suite, which will help ensure ModParrot never falls by the wayside again.
+So we've gotten 6 decent proposals from 5 students, and if even half of these go
+on to succeed in reaching their goals Parrot will be much better off by the end
+of the summer. And this list doesn't even include the calling-conventions work
+that bacek is working on, or the threading work that nine is working on, The
+M0 work that several other developers are doing, or the packfile and IMCC and
+whatever else work that I'm planning for myself. This could be a very eventful
+summer indeed.
+If you're signed up to be a mentor this summer, or if you would like to be,
+please head over to the [GSOC website](, sign up, and
+take a look at the proposals.

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