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+layout: post
+categories: [Parrot, Rosella, ParrotStore]
+title: Various Updates
+Here are some updates on various projects I've been working on:
+## ParrotStore
+In my post introducing ParrotStore, I mentioned that I only had support for
+MySQL, Memcached, and a little bit of stuff working for MongoDB. In the past
+few days I've also added SQLite3 support. Now you can do this, after installing
+the prequisites, building and installing:
+ var sqlite3_lib = loadlib('sqlite3_group');
+ var sqlite3 = new 'SQLite3DbContext';
+ sqlite3.query("INSERT INTO tbl1 (name, number) VALUES ('Andrew', 100)");
+ var result = sqlite3.query("SELECT * FROM tbl 1");
+ for (var row in result) {
+ for (string colname in row)
+ print(colname + "=" + string(row[colname]) + " ");
+ say("");
+ }
+SQLite3 offers a bunch of features that I don't tap into yet, but we have a good
+start and can do some basic work with it already.
+Also, I mentioned that we didn't support queries with multiple result sets in
+the MySQL bindings. Well, now we do (and we do in SQLite3 too):
+ var result1 = mysql.query("CALL my_stored_proc");
+ var result2 = sqlite3.query("SELECT * FROM tbl1 ; SELECT * from tbl2");
+If the query returns one result set, a DataTable object is returned. If it has
+multple result sets, an array of DataTables is returned instead.
+## Eval PMC
+I went digging through my backlog of old branches last night and found my
+incomplete branch for removing the deprecated Eval PMC. After updating to
+current master I gave it a spin and most things looked good. However several
+tests fail, mostly tests specifically for Eval PMC or tests which incorrectly
+rely on its idiosyncratic behavior. I'm going to spend a little bit of time
+tonight or this weekend to fix these tests, and hopefully get this branch
+mergable soon.
+## Sub Flags Cleanup
+My `remove_sub_flags` branch, tasked with removing the old `:load` and `:init`
+flags from Parrot and replacing them with the new `:tag()` syntax is right where
+I left it a few weeks ago. I'm down to a relatively small list of test failures,
+the solution to most of which is to update the syntax in the tests themselves.
+A handful of tests such as those using the `parrot-nqp` and `winxed` compilers
+are failing because I need to update those compilers first to generate the
+correct code so the tests can run correctly.
+I *think* I'm in the home stretch with that branch. I would like to get it
+stable enough for wide-spread testing sometime this month. It represents such a
+big and jarring change that maybe we want to hold it on the queue until after
+the supported 4.4 release or even later.
+## PCC
+Bacek has been doing a lot of refactoring in PCC land, trying to fix some
+slow and infelicitious aspects of it. I've gotten a set of new PCC-related
+opcodes added to core and have a few more that I want to add, including new
+variants of `set_args`, `get_params` and friends to take explicit context
+arguments instead of using magical behavior to try and find them automatically.
+A few patches to IMCC and the new behavior might go in without anybody noticing.
+## Rosella
+Rosella is mostly where I want it to be right now. I'm planning to change around
+the development cycle to stick to supported releases of Parrot and Winxed
+instead of tracking HEAD for both of them. I'm going to promote one or two more
+libraries to "stable" status and then put out a release sometime after Parrot
+4.4 hits the news stands next month.
+## Google Summer of Code
+GSOC is keeping me pretty busy so far.

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