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Fedora Remix for Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL)

Fedora Remix for WSL is a remix of upstream Fedora software for Windows Subsystem for Linux on Windows 10 and Windows 10 Server.

Fedora Remix for WSL is powered by Pengwin Enterprise from Whitewater Foundry. Fedora Remix for WSL is not endorsed by the Fedora Project or Red Hat, Inc. but is provided under the Fedora Remix program.

Fedora Remix for WSL contains modifications to the official Fedora distribution. The unmodified Fedora distribution can be obtained here. Fedora Remix for WSL does not include pengwin-setup or other features of Pengwin.

Fedora Remix for WSL is provided on a community-support basis. There is no support available for Fedora Remix for WSL from the Fedora community other than that which is offered to all users.

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General WSL and Fedora documentation:

Differences from upstream Fedora:

  • Fedora Remix for WSL is based on the @core package group from Fedora.
  • The following packages have been removed from the default install of Fedora Remix for WSL: grub, plymouth, kernel, sssd, linux-firmware, dracut, parted, e2fsprogs, iprutils, ppc64-utils, selinux-policy, policycoreutils, sendmail, firewalld, fedora-release, fedora-logos, and fedora-release-notes.
  • The following non-default package has been added to the default install to comply with the Fedora Remix program's terms: generic-release.
  • The following configuration files have custom settings applied for the WSL environment: /etc/wsl.conf, /etc/local.conf, /etc/profile.
  • The following files have been removed and will be automatically re-generated if/as needed: /etc/resolv.conf, /boot, and /var/cache/dnf/*.

Troubleshooting and support options:

  1. Basic troubleshooting will solve many problems encountered with WSL.
  2. You can search for your issue on the main WSL issues page.
  3. You may also open an issue here on our GitHub page for community support.

Whitewater Foundry devs monitor the Fedora Remix for WSL GitHub issues page; however, users who require dedicated end-user support for WSL should consider Pengwin instead. Businesses and other organizations that would like to receive ongoing professional support should e-mail us or visit our website to learn more about Pengwin Enterprise.


Fedora Project

Whitewater Foundry, Ltd. Co.

Whitewater Foundry, Ltd. Co. is an open-source startup that created Pengwin (formerly WLinux), the first Linux distribution designed for Windows Subsystem for Linux on Windows 10. Pengwin has since become a top developer tool on the Microsoft Store, and Whitewater Foundry has grown to a worldwide team of independent developers. Whitewater Foundry recently debuted Pengwin Enterprise and joined the Red Hat Business Partners program to offer a customizable, secure, and reliable WSL solution for large organizations powered by Red Hat Enterprise Linux.

Isn't Fedora free?

Yes, Fedora is free. You should go get it and use it on your Linux workstation. We at Whitewater Foundry love Fedora and use it. Fedora Remix for WSL is not Fedora, though; it is a remix. The remix program allows individuals, groups, and companies to make Fedora derivatives for particular purposes that may contain modified/non-Fedora software. For example, there is the Russian Fedora Remix, FedBerry, and Qubes OS. We at Whitewater Foundry saw the demand for a Fedora distro for WSL. With no official Fedora for WSL coming, we invested the time and resources into making the Fedora Remix for WSL available as an alternative, building on our premium Pengwin Enterprise codebase. We charge for the official download through the Microsoft Store to continue optimizing, building, and packaging Fedora Remix for WSL, pay open-source developers and build a sustainable open-source venture. Unlike Pengwin and Pengwin Enterprise though we also make signed downloads of Fedora Remix for WSL available via GitHub that can be side-loaded for free.

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See for important information on trademarks, copyright, patents, and software licensing.

See for steps on how to build Fedora Remix for WSL from the source.