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Who Targets Me?

  • A web browser extension that detects advertising, transmits the adverts to a central database and informs the user of the extent they are being targeted by different political entites
  • Available for Safari, Chrome, Firefox and Edge.
  • How to download and install the Who Targets Me browser extension
  • Since 2017 the project has covered elections around the world, including in the US, UK, Spain, Rep. of Ireland, Poland and Germany.
  • We've collected more than 16 million ads, as seen by users in 108 countries.
  • There is a good chance we will be involved in an election near you, get in touch to see how we can work together
  • Read more about how it works at and our other services & tools
  • (This project is not endorsed by any social media platform, or political party. Who Targets Me is an action research project tracking highly targeted political advertising on social media.)


To run a devleopment build, we can use the web-ext extension.

When using the v2 manifest version, you may find it works better in Chromium, as Firefox doesn't seem to show network requests in its debug.

In one terminal, start one of the following web-ext scripts.

npm run start:chrome -- --chromium-binary=chromium

npm run start:firefox -- --firefox=firefoxdeveloperedition

This will open a clean profile browser. You'll need to create a new WTM account and log in to Facebook.

Then in another terminal, you can build after each change. Use the one appropriate to your environment.

npm run build-chrome

npm run build-firefox

Awesome Humane Tech


A browser extension that uncovers which advertisers on social media are targeting which demographics



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