A chrome extension that tracks which entities are targeting which demographics with adverts
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Who Targets Me?

  • A web browser extension that detects advertising, transmits the adverts to a central database and informs the user of the extent they are being targeted by different political entites
  • The project has covered elections in the UK and Germany
  • There is a good chance we will be involved in an election near you, get in touch to see how we can work together
  • Read more about how it works at whotargets.me
  • (This project is not endorsed by Facebook or any political party. The purpose of the project is to raise awareness of the use of targeted political advertising in UK elections.)


  • $ npm run dev-frontend creates a hot reloading server at localhost:3000. Use dev.html to help you develop to the chrome popup size.
  • $ npm run dev-daemon builds the daemon and watches for changes
  • Things to bear in mind
    • chrome.storage is not available outside of extensions API, so we polyfilled it to localStorage to assist when developing the frontend. The polyfill is a fork of chrome-storage-promises

Build & Deploy

  • npm run build-chrome
  • npm run build-firefox
  • Zip up and upload the correct folder in /build to the extension store

Copyright Who Targets Me? Limited 2017 All Rights Reserved