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Kishore P. Venkatswammy Reddy (Kishore P. V.) kishorepv
CS Graduate and a Life Long Learner

University of California San Diego San Diego, CA

Emma Wedekind emmawedekind
Front-end Software Engineer @ LogMeIn

Karlsruhe, Germany

Jeremy Howard jph00

@fastai San Francisco

Zach Caceres zcaceres
Tech: Node/React/GraphQL/Serverless and more. Human: Focus/Optimism/Minimalism.


Simon Willison simonw

Eventbrite San Francisco, CA

Sarah Drasner sdras
comprehension over configuration

Microsoft All over the place

Dusan Bosnjak pailhead
i like webgl

san francisco

Aurelien Lourot AurelienLourot
Freelance software developer


Malte Ubl cramforce

Alameda, CA, USA

Chris Lloyd chrislloyd

@pinterest San Francisco, CA

Nando Quintana nandoquintana
Web engineering and domestic existentialism

@heepsy Bilbao, Basque Country, Spain

Michelle Becerra michellebecerra
MS Computer Science University of Southern California. Lifelong learner

Los Angeles, CA

JP Whitaker jpwhitaker
Wall-to-Wall, Podcat, Boatbound

San Francisco, CA

Gajus Kuizinas gajus
Software architect. Passionate about JavaScript and Hack. Active open-source contributor. Rx, React, GraphQL, Redux. Founder of .

Applaudience Ltd London

Alexandru Nedelcu alexandru
Scala and Haskell enthusiast, Typelevel contributor, author of


Kent C. Dodds kentcdodds
Making software dev more accessible · Mormon, Husband, Father, Teacher · OSS, GDE, @tc39 · @paypal @eggheadio @FrontendMasters @javascriptair · #JS

@paypal Salt Lake City, Utah, USA

Andrey Sitnik ai
The creator of Autoprefixer, PostCSS, and Logux

@evilmartians New York, USA

Alex Tatiyants AlexTatiyants
CTO at Stanson Health Inc.

Stanson Health Los Angeles, CA

Patrick Coffey patrickocoffeyo
I write software, mainly JS (Node), Go, and PHP.

@fourkitchens Austin Texas

Max Hodak maxhodak
Transcriptic, Neuralink

Palo Alto, CA

Balaj Marius balajmarius
Never on schedule, but always on time.


yan diracdeltas
0.1x engineer

@brave SF usually

Andrew Clark acdlite
React core at Facebook. Hi!

@facebook Redwood City, CA

Winnie Stitchpunk

Facebook San Francisco, Ca

Stephan Ahlf s-a
Chuck Norris doesn't use GUI, he prefers COMMAND line.

Hamburg Germany

Jamie Kyle jamiebuilds
Code Ruins Everything Around Me
Mehul Patel Mayho
I write the trillest js.

Stanley Black & Decker Atlanta

Peter Hayes peterkhayes

@remix United States

Nicolás Bevacqua bevacqua
🎉 Open-Source JavaScript @elastic 📚 Writes @mjavascript 📔 Published @buildfirst ✍ Emojineer @ponyfoo ⛺ Organizer @nodeconf @beerjs ⛵ Conference Speaker 🛬

JavaScript @elastic

David Wells DavidWells
Full stack Javascript. Focused on Serverless Architectures, User Experience & Product

@netlify San Francisco

Nikhila Ravi nikhilaravi

Harvard University Boston, MA

Kamil Przeorski przeor
Founder @ @Experty & Hireable Consultant @ - ReactJS React Native development team for hire.

Hireable Consultant @ ReactJS React Native development shop POLAND

Vadim Demedes vadimdemedes
Building ideas using JavaScript and Node.js.
Reika ReikaKalseki
An Aerospace Engineer by education, and a modder (of Minecraft, Factorio, and other games) in my free time.

Toronto, Canada

Rhys van der Waerden rhys-vdw

@usabilityhub Melbourne, Australia

Tim Griesser tgriesser

@cypress-io Brooklyn

Stefan Buck stefanbuck
JavaScript dev @BrandwatchLtd. Part time contributor and creator of @OctoLinker

Brandwatch Stuttgart, Germany

Nicolas DANIEL nicolas-daniel
Creative Developer @akufenstudio and Ex Gobelins CRMA student

@akufenstudio Canada

Sara Soueidan SaraSoueidan
Front-End UI Developer.

Freelancer Lebanon

“Real learning comes about when the competitive spirit has ceased.”


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