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implemented Whonix website and source code backup utility

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adrelanos committed Apr 2, 2016
1 parent 9312d64 commit ddef42a5b383c82d107c00aac22c1836004a8158
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@@ -0,0 +1,21 @@
whonix-dev-backup(8) -- creates a backup of the website and all Whonix source codes

<span class="comment">
# This file is part of Whonix.
# Copyright (C) 2012 - 2014 Patrick Schleizer
# See the file COPYING for copying conditions.

# Not using angle brackets in copyright notice for e-mail address, because
# angle brackets would result in this file being non-deterministic. (There
# must be a bug in Debian wheezy in ruby-ronn.)

# Not using "##", because for some reason this comment would be visible in the
# resulting man page.


This man page has been written by Patrick Schleizer (
@@ -0,0 +1,27 @@

set -x
set -e

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install --yes git git-mediawiki github-backup

mkdir --parents ~/whonix_backup/adrelanos
cd ~/whonix_backup/adrelanos
github-backup adrelanos || true

mkdir --parents ~/whonix_backup/whonix
cd ~/whonix_backup/whonix
github-backup Whonix || true

mkdir --parents ~/whonix_backup/WhonixBOT
cd ~/whonix_backup/WhonixBOT
github-backup WhonixBOT || true

mkdir --parents ~/whonix_backup
cd ~/whonix_backup
git clone mediawiki:: || true
cd ~/whonix_backup/w
git fetch

true "END"

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