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Development environment for automated-tickets work
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Development environment for automated-tickets work.


In order to reduce setup requirments on the part of the developer, the scripts used by this project make multiple assumptions that the main project does not:

  • Ubuntu 16.04
    • clean, without any packages already installed aside from OS and integration tools (e.g., Hyper-V, VirtualBox, VMware Tools)
  • Internet access (needed for installation and setup of packages)
  • ubuntu user account with sudo access
    • alternative: adjust /etc/postfix/aliases.conf to replace 'ubuntu' with an account that you prefer to use for interactive login dev work

Repo layout

File/Path Purpose Notes
bin Scripts meant to be used directly by developer Most are used directly within the guest/VM, but some from Host system
bin/ Create quick backup copies of current Redmine databases Useful for exporting settings to include in repo for the next dev env rebuild
bin/ Run after the bin/ script in order to inject test automated tickets entries Usually run once
bin/ Main setup script to kickstart a new dev environment Usually run just once per new dev env
bin/sync_files.ps1 Copy files from Hyper-V Host to Hyper-V guest Alternative to first cloning this repo to get access to bin/ script
doc Documentation specific to this project Thin, but should be mostly complete
etc Configuration files for various dependencies/tools used within dev environment Deployed as part of running the bin/ script
keys Local cache of package signing keys for upstream MariaDB, Nginx and Phusion repos Added via apt-key as part of running the bin/ script
opt Configuration files used by Redmine and Phusion Passenger Standalone Deployed as part of running the bin/ script
sql Import files used to setup Redmine instances and event_reminders database used by automated-tickets project Imported as part of running the bin/ script
var Contains small index.html file for Redmine instances Served up on http://localhost/
LICENSE License for this collection of content Intended to match the license used for automated-tickets project Main doc file for this project Please submit a PR or bug report for any missing or incorrect coverage



Two instances of a semi-current and stable Redmine version are installed:

Instance URL Username Password
MySQL/MariaDB backend http://localhost/redmine-mysql/ admin qwerty
SQLite backend http://localhost/redmine-sqlite/ admin qwerty

Both instances are installed and setup identically (aside from the backend) in order to facilitate testing against both backends with the automated-tickets project. As of this writing the SQLite database type is not supported by the automated-tickets project, but it is a likely target in the future. Because of this, we're going ahead and providing a test Redmine environment ahead of time to make adding that future support easier.

Aside from the direct links provided above, there is a simple list of both links available from https://localhost/ in the guest/VM.


As part of the setup work Postfix is installed and configured to route mail from the automated-tickets@localhost alias to both Redmine instances via the Redmine-provided HTTP API submission script.

To help prevent duplicate ticket creation (behavior observed during testing), Postfix has been heavily throttled back to only deliver one email every X seconds (see the /etc/postfix/ file for current setting) and only one at a time. This is usually not a problem per se, but it is worth emphasizing.

Feel free to adjust the settings if your test rig is sufficiently powerful.

Listens on localhost only.

Phusion Passenger: Standalone

The "Standalone" version of Phusion Passenger is installed from the official upstream repo and configured to serve up two Redmine instances:

  • Redmine with MySQL/MariaDB backend
  • Redmine with SQLite backend

See the Passengerfile.json files within /opt/redmine/BACKEND/ for specific configuration details. As of this writing both instances are configured in development mode in order to provide verbose feedback if an error is encountered wioth their configuration or use.

Listens on localhost only.


The upstream "stable" version of Nginx is installed and configured as a reverse proxy for two Phusion Passenger Standalone instances. A connections between Nginx and each instance of Phusion Passenger Standalone is provided by way of a local UNIX socket specific to that instance of Passenger.

Listens on localhost only.


The upstream version of MariaDB 10.0.x is installed and configured in an insecure manner for production purposes, but sufficient for our local testing needs. No password is set for the root account.

Listens on localhost only.


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