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Development environment for mysql2sqlite work
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Development environment for mysql2sqlite work. This repo may be folded into that repo at a later time.


In order to reduce setup requirements on the part of the developer, the scripts used by this project make multiple assumptions that the main project does not:

  • Ubuntu 16.04
    • clean, without any packages already installed aside from OS and integration tools (e.g., Hyper-V, VirtualBox, VMware Tools)
  • Internet access (needed for installation and setup of packages)

Repo layout

File/Path Purpose Notes
bin Scripts meant to be used directly by developer Most are used directly within the guest/VM, but some from Host system
bin/ Run after the bin/ script in order to create SQLite database file Usually run once
bin/ Run as-needed to reset db state after tinkering with the content. Convenience script only
bin/ Main setup script to kickstart a new dev environment Usually run just once per new dev env
bin/sync_files.ps1 Copy files from Hyper-V Host to Hyper-V guest Alternative to first cloning this repo to get access to bin/ script
bin/ Run after the bin/ script to perform basic validation of newly created SQLite db. WIP, future script that I hope to refactor and use as pre and post CI tools to confirm valid conversion results. This script may be moved to the main project in the near future.
bin/ Run after the bin/ script to perform basic validation of newly created SQLite db. DEPRECATED. This script will probably be removed in the near future as most of the functionality has been replicated by the bin/ script
etc Configuration files for various dependencies/tools used within dev environment Deployed as part of running the bin/ script
keys Local copy of upstream repo package signing keys May be phased out if not proven useful
sql Import files used to setup database used by main project Imported as part of running the bin/ script
LICENSE License for this collection of content Intended to match the license used for main project Main doc file for this project Please submit a PR or bug report for any missing or incorrect coverage


Gitea (or similar local Git mirror)

To keep from abusing GitHub, VSTS and other Git "remotes", I run a local Gitea instance. This is entirely optional and can be overriden by adjusting the MAIN_PROJECT_GIT_REPO_URL and THIS_DEV_ENV_GIT_REPO_URL variables within the various build scripts to reference a different Git remote. Alternatives are provided, but commented out in case you wish to use them.

You will find evidence of Gitea specified by the local-mirror:3000 Git repo URLs in the various build scripts.

Squid proxy server

Used much for the same reason as with the local Gitea instance, I run a local Squid VM to cache remote content for local rebuilds.

Not yet included here, this proxy has been enabled by way of the /etc/environment and /etc/apt/apt.conf conf files. Those files were modified by way of the Network proxy configuration UI within the test VM. See the link below in the References section for details.

Using this UI (or directly modifying the files mentioned) allows our Ubuntu 16.04 test box to use the Squid proxy server for system-wide proxy use. This is of particular help with speeding up package installation for repeat builds. I like to also think that using local mirrors for builds is appreciated by upstream package mirror maintainers/owners.


As part of the setup work, Postfix is installed and configured to use local MySQL and SQLite databases for many of its lookup tables. This is intended to serve as a means of verifying that mysql2sqlite was successful in exporting entries from the MySQL tables to the local SQLite database.

The idea is that if we get consistent, duplicate results when running postmap queries against both the MySQL and SQLite database tables then mysql2sqlite is working as intended.

Listens on localhost only.


The latest upstream version of MariaDB 10.0.x is installed and configured in an insecure manner for production purposes, but sufficient for our local testing needs. No password is set for the root account.

Listens on localhost only.


The following list of tools are installed as part of running the bin/ script during the initial test VM setup:

  • DB Browser GUI application
  • MySQL Workbench (or an alternative)

These tools are meant to assist with taking a "hands-on" approach to troubleshooting issues with source and destination databases.


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