A collection of dotfiles and configuration files used on my desktop/laptops.
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My dotfiles

This repository contains a great deal of my dotfiles and configurations. This repo is used to:

  • Sync configurations between my machines.
  • Keep a backup of my configurations.
  • Keep old revisions of my configurations.
  • Quickly configure new machines (after installing a certain list of packages, syncing this repo should have a new desktop just I like it).

I decided to make these public, for three reasons:

  • Some of the applications I use have few examples. Google will surely point users seeking more here.
  • To share yet another "perfect mutt setup", which uses mutt+offlineimap+notmuch+opensmtpd.
  • The quickly share config files with friends who are curious on how I achieved something.

I use homesick to keep this repository in sync with my actual dotfiles using symlinks.

Feel free to reuse these files as you see fit. I don't think most they even qualify as "software" for them to actually require a license, if you think they do, feel free to reuse them under the terms of the BSD license.


Mutt + offlineimap + notmuch + opensmtpd + vdirsyncer.

I use mutt-kz for viewing and composing email, which offlineimap syncs locally. Notmuch indexes emails for faster searches, and opensmtpd relays outgoing emails, algo keeping them in queue if I'm offline and auto-delivering when I re-gain internet connection.

The entire setup provides very fast access to my entire mailbox - even offline, while keeping everything synced as much as possible.

Finally, vdirsyncer syncs contact data from my CardDav server, and I use a glue script to access them when composing from mutt.


I use systemd to manage my X or Wayland sessions. It starts various applications (eg: window manager, offlineimap, sxhkd, caffeine-ng), monitors them, and restarts them in case of failure.

My WM of choice is i3, and I use it along with i3pystatus to keep some useful data on my statusbar (along with a view of all my active desktops).

I use sxhkd for global keybindings. I've chosen it due to it's simple configuration syntax, simplicity, and lightweightness. I prefer not to use my WM for global keybindings, since using something like sxhkd allows me to swich WM easier if I choose to do so.


You should run :PlugInstall to install all vim plugins. Some additional utilities are required in your $PATH, like flake8 for python, etc.

Manual commands

The following commands should be run manually after symlinking:

echo -e ':PlugInstall\n' | nvim
chsh -s $(which zsh)

Copyright (c) 2012-2017, Hugo Osvaldo Barrera <hugo@barrera.io>