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Section Author Title
Bioinformatics Agnieszka Borsuk-De Moor Non-stationary pharmacokinetics of caspofungin in ICU patients
Bioinformatics Jaroslaw Chilimoniuk Count data analysis with countfitteR.
Bioinformatics Klaudiusz Witczak Differential equations or: how we learned to stop worrying and tackle the coronavirus modeling crisis in Poland
Bioinformatics Katarzyna Sidorczuk AmpGram: in search of antimicrobial peptides in R
Bioinformatics Lubomir Štěpánek A machine-learning approach to survival time-event modeling and predicting with R
Education Indranil Ghosh Teaching quantum computing and game theory with QGameTheory package
Education Shella Rina Agustien Shella Instructional Design for Students with ADHD to Learn English
Education Faris Naji 'Liberate' the R programmer and 'empower' the non programmer
Finance Justyna Klejdysz R for public policy - Microsimulation tax model for Poland
Finance Alireza Yazdani Machine Learning Prediction of Recessions: An Imbalanced Classification Approach
Finance Takuma KOSHIISHI Improvement of Data-analysis Processes of Our Team with R and In-house R Package "valeuR"
Geo Guanqun Cao Geospatial Data Mining using R
Geo Thomas Heid Which places can I reach by bus? Visualizing a graph problem onto maps.
HPC Maria Kubara Multithreading computing in R
HPC Jadwiga Slowik Where Rcpp wins and where it fails - the light and the dark side of R and Rcpp integration
HPC Jeremiah Reyes Agent-based Modeling with Goal-Oriented Action Planning (GOAP) and RCpp
Highlighted - Visualizations Emil Hvitfeldt plaette2vec: A new way to explore color paletttes
Reproducibility Marcin Dubel Using renv and docker for development environments
Reproducibility Weronika Puchala Data science project management in R with obstacles and how to deal with them
Reproducibility Jakub Kala renv and drake: reproducible data science projects in R
Shiny + Viz Jakub Stepniak Deployment Strategies for Shiny Apps
Shiny + Viz Stefano Guidi ADAPT Data Viz Tool: a shiny app to explore ATM network optimization models
Shiny + Viz Tetzlaff Laurens mlr3shiny: A graphical user interface for easy machine learning in R
Shiny + Viz Astrid Radermacher Supporting your community using R Shiny
Shiny + Viz Grzegorz Stolecki Using R in Power BI
Shiny + Viz Modesto Escobar Dynamic and interactive graph visualizations using netCoin
Software development Shelmith Kariuki Building the first Kenyan Census data package
Software development John Coene Robust JavaScript with R
Software development Cizmeli Servet Ahmet The journey of building a multi-tenant cloud platform running R
Software development Dominik Rafacz Seven pillars of tibbles: Effective construction of customized tibbles with the pillar package
Software development Andrew Collier Using {trundler} to construct the ZAF Alcohol Index
Software development Mateusz Bakala Why you shouldn't concern yourself with copies in R (so often)
Statistics Michal Maj platypus - image segmentation and object detection made easy with R
Statistics Iwo Augustynski Clustering time series
Statistics Daniel Aleman The Key Metric for your Forecast is...TRUST
Statistics Krystian Zielinski Outlier detection using Self Organizing Map
Statistics Steffen Moritz Handling complex missing data problems in time series
Statistics Adrian Foltyn Using priors of rate-based features to increase their predictive power
Text mining Eryk Walczak Using R to study banking regulation
Text mining Hackathon Kenneth Benoit Why you should stop using other text mining packages and embrace quanteda now
Text mining Sergey Mastitsky Still parsing User Agent strings for your models? Use this instead!
Text mining Michel Voss Text Mining techniques on Polish National News
Text mining Maciej Chrabąszcz Classification of patent applications
XAI Hubert Baniecki What's new in DrWhy.AI? (2020)
XAI Jacek Leskow Artificial Intelligence, Big Data and R.
XAI Szymon Maksymiuk Practical landscape of Explainable Machine Learning in R


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