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Wi-Fi Test Suite Windows Control Agent

##Wi-Fi Test Suite Introduction Wi-Fi Test Suite is a software platform originally developed by Wi-Fi Alliance, the global non-profit industry association that brings you Wi-Fi®, to support certification program development and device certification. Non-proprietary components are provided under the ISC License and can be accessed at this open source project on GitHub. Wi-Fi Alliance members can access the full software package, including proprietary components, on the Wi-Fi Alliance member site.

##Control Agents Control agents are a proxy in which a Control API (CAPI) control command is converted for the device into the device’s native control interface. Access points (APs), devices under test (DUTs), sniffers, and stations (STAs) may require control agents. The Windows control agent can be downloaded through the open source repository.

##Installation from sources Refer to our Install Guide for instructions on setting up Windows DUT

##License Please refer to LICENSE.txt.

##Documentation Windows DUT Build and Installation Guidelines

Windows DUT Porting Guidelines

Issues and Contribution Guidelines

Please submit issues/ideas to Wi-Fi Test Suite Google Group. Both Wi-Fi Alliance members and non-members can contribute to the Wi-Fi Test Suite open source project. Please review the contribution agreement prior to submitting a pull request. Please read more on contributions in


Reference code to create a control agent using Wi-Fi Test Suite’s Control API on a device with Windows OS




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