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The point of this application is to allow users to search their names and then it collects all the data they have for urf on the recent 10 Games and then creates averages once those are made it can generate an URFSCORE which is a rating that i made by checking your averages against your regions averages.Once that is all done you can then see if you are in the top 10 Summoners in your region , in addition to this the stats page also shows the general stats for that region selected.

Demo site (Fully working) :

NOTE: Their are only top Players/Champions on EUW the reason for this is we can no longer get data for KR and NA and we were testing on EUW so we have data for it.

Notes about code:

  • -index.php
  • -stats.php
  • -(All files in cron folder)

have had their API key removed as well as the database connection info to replace the api key look for $APIKEY

and for the database the three varibles that are cleared are $servername $username $password

That's it! if you have any other questions be sure to message me

Thanks Wicked