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Awesome Media Queries in JavaScript
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enquire.js - Awesome Media Queries in JavaScript

Build Status

enquire.js is a lightweight, pure javascript library (with no dependencies) for programmatically responding to media queries.

Getting enquire.js


Get the latest build, ready to go:

Install via Bower

To install via bower, enter the following at the command line:

bower install enquire

Install via npm

To install via npm, enter the following at the command line:

npm install enquire.js

Build From Source

If you want build from source (and run all unit tests etc):

git clone git://
cd enquire.js
npm install


Quick Start

The main method you will be dealing with is register. It's basic signature is as follows:

enquire.register(query /* string */, handler /* object || array  || function */);

query is the CSS media query you wish to respond to, and handler is an object containing any logic to handle the query. An example of usage is as follows:

enquire.register("screen and (max-width:1000px)", {

    match : function() {},      // OPTIONAL
                                // If supplied, triggered when the media query transitions
                                // *from an unmatched to a matched state*

    unmatch : function() {},    // OPTIONAL
                                // If supplied, triggered when the media query transitions
                                // *from a matched state to an unmatched state*.
                                // Also may be called when handler is unregistered (if destroy is not available)

    setup : function() {},      // OPTIONAL
                                // If supplied, triggered once immediately upon registration of the handler

    destroy : function() {},    // OPTIONAL
                                // If supplied, triggered when handler is unregistered. Place cleanup code here

    deferSetup : true           // OPTIONAL, defaults to false
                                // If set to true, defers execution the setup function
                                // until the media query is first matched. still triggered just once

This should be enough to get you going, but please read the full enquire.js documentation if you wish to learn about the other cool features.


  • Got an awesome idea?
  • Found a not-so-awesome bug?
  • Wish to get my attention through an inappropriate communication channel?!

Then please don't hesitate to raise an issue, they will all be looked at and tended to.

And for all the cool cats who are prepared to give their time to contribute code, feel free to open a pull request. If you could write unit tests to accompany your pull request that would be pretty sweet, but no worries if not - if it's good enough to be merged in, it's good enough for me to spend a little time to write tests on your behalf :-)


License: MIT (

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