Component to allow user to easily copy text to clipboard
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Component to allow the user to easily copy text. Based on the idea from Trello, described in this StackOverflow question: How does Trello access the user's clipboard?


npm install react-clipboard --save


yarn add react-clipboard


See the example. Or play with a working example:


propTypes : {
  value : React.PropTypes.string.isRequired, // the value to be copied
  className : React.PropTypes.string, // class to apply to the <textarea />
  style : React.PropTypes.object, // styles if you'd like to override the defaults
  onCopy : React.PropTypes.func // callback for when value is copied

Further info

This component renders a textarea, whose value is the value prop. On keydown, if the user hasn't currently selected any text on the page and the cmd or ctrl key is pressed, then the textarea is focussed and the text inside it is selected. When the user hits the c key, the text inside the textarea is copied.

Inline styling is used to visibly hide the textarea (this can be overriden via the style prop mentioned above)