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Simple Java API for AWS Route53

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Valet is a simple Java API to interact AWS's Route53 DNS service.

The AWS Java SDK added Route53 API support in December 2011. This simple binding predates the native SDK implementation and includes several tools that still may be useful.

View ValetExample for typical usage of Valet API.

Includes automation classes to import/one-way-sync existing Windows DNS server files.

To run the example ZoneSummary application using Gradle

gradle zoneSummary -Paws-access-key=MY_AWS_ACCESS_KEY -Paws-secret-key=MY_AWS_SECRET_KEY

Available via Maven:

   group: widen
artifact: valet
 version: 0.3.1

Or browse the repo directly at

Change Log:

0.3.1 - Fix rare URL query parameter encoding issue

  0.3 - Remove extraneous system error debug message

  0.2 - Weighted Round Robin support
        Alias Resource Record support
        Delete zone implemented
        HttpClient instance can be supplied to Route53Driver to support custom proxy server configuration

  0.1 - Initial version

Contact Uriah Carpenter (uriah at with questions.

Licensed under Apache, Version 2.0.

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