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X-wings in your Dashboard
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xWing Widget

This was my first Widget I made back in 2005 and I still have it in my Dashboard, the original Website is still up.

It does nothing more than display one of several Star-Wars™ related Images sized 175 x 150 pixel. You can switch the images at your leisure, and it is possible to simply drop your own images into the Images-folder inside the Widget-package, they will instantly show up in the preferences. Your Images should be 175 pixel in width and 150 pixel in height as they will get distorted if they're not that size. You can also set the widget to display a slideshow.

Here are the included Images

X-wing Vaders_Tie_Fighter Tri-Fighter Trade_Federation_Tank Trade_Federation_Control_Ship Tie_Interceptor Tie_Fighter Star_Destroyer Star_Destroyer_2 SnowSpeeder Sandcrawler Naboo_Royal_Starship Naboo_Royal_Cruiser Naboo_N1_Fighter Millennium_Falcon Millennium_Falcon_2 Landspeeder Imperial_Shuttle Eta-2_Interceptor_Obi-Wan Eta-2_Interceptor_Anakin Death_Star Death_Star_EpisodeIV Correllian_Corvette C_9979_Transporter AT-ST AT-AT ARC-170_sketch

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