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Kyte XRP Wallet

Currently in beta @

Awesome XRP Wallet; VueJS, NodeJS / Webpack / SCSS / ripple-lib, etc.

Work in progress ;)

This is a BETA RELEASE to test the tech. UI/UX will be fixed, samples here (screenshot) and here (animation).

Code is stable and OK for now. Code will be cleaned up in the near future. However: app is 100% functioning, you can:

  • Add (read only) wallets by public key (wallet address)
  • Add wallets by:
    • Secret key (sXXXXXX...)
    • HEX secret key
    • Mnemonic words (ledger, etc.)
  • List last 100 transactions
  • Create and send transactions


If you add a wallet using your secret or memonic, you will be asked to enter a passphrase. Your passphrase should contain at least 6 words.

Your secret key will be saved on your local device, but it will be encrypted using your passphrase. So please pick a safe one. You can always check your transactions and balance, however: if you want to submit a transaction you'll have to enter your passphrase.

Want to know how we encrypt your secret? Check the encrypt method at /src/components/AddWallet.vue. We use CryptoJS.AES for this.

We configured Webpack to not compress / minify / uglify the generated Javascript-code, so you can check out the source even in production-mode.

Most recent build

The most recent build will be published at (static HTML+CSS+JS at DigitalOcean). Please check the network-console: after the inital download of HTML+CSS+JS no connections to the internet will be made except for the connections to rippled ( and

PLEASE NOTE!! The app is in BETA, the design and code is not ready yet!

Todo (not ready, still working on it!)

  • Code Cleanup
  • Air Gapped TX generation
  • Air Gapped TX (in), online submit
  • iOS / Android App using PhoneGap
  • Desktop (Windows / Linux / OSX) app using Electron

Known limitations (BETA)

  • Design not as promised (we started with the tech., design live in a few weeks)
  • Only USD and EUR supported (todo: add multiple currencies)
  • Exchange rate only from Bitstamp (todo: settings with multiple exchange rate sources)
  • Limited offline functionality
  • No native app, not in app stores

Why would you trust this app?

That's up to you, however: the app:

  • Is open source
  • Doesn't connect to the internet, besides the connection to rippled-servers (ledger)
  • Is created by XRP enthusiasts (created the XRP Tip Bot for Reddit as well

What NOT to expect

In-app wallet generation. Kyte will never generate your wallet. Please generate your wallet somewhere else (offline) and keep your secret safe!!!

Build Setup

If you don't trust the public build, checkout & build your own:

# install dependencies
npm install

# serve with hot reload at localhost:8080
npm run dev

# build for production with minification
npm run build

Check the /dist/ folder after building ;)


BETA - XRP Wallet "Kyte" - VueJS App




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