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This package is deprecated. Please use the xrpl-accountlib package:



Sign transactions locally and submit with rippled-ws-client

This is a ES6 module to complement rippled-ws-client. This module allows you to:

  1. Sign a transaction offline and return the tx_blob and tx_id (useful for air gapped transactions) 😎
  2. Submit a pre-signed transaction (tx_blob and tx_id)
  3. Sign and submit a transaction πŸŽ‰

Awesome features

  • If you are signing and submitting online, there's no need to enter the account Sequence, the LastLedgerSequence and/or the Fee: if you don't enter them the class will find the right values for you.
  • Submitting a transaction (from pre-signed tx_blob or by signing one) returns a promise. The class will handle watching the ledger for you, so the promise will either resolve because the transaction is in a validated ledger, of reject because there of an error or the Leder Index is past the entered / auto generated LastLedgerSequence.

Samples are available over here

How to use

To use this module in vanillajs, vue-webpack, nodejs, etc.: please check the docs for rippled-ws-client: same thing for rippled-ws-client-sign.

Basic example of signing and submmitting a transaction

const RippledWsClient = require('rippled-ws-client')
const RippledWsClientSign = require('rippled-ws-client-sign')

let Seed = 'sXXXXXXXXXXXXX' // (Keypair and MultiSig supported as well!)

const Transaction = {
  TransactionType: 'Payment',
  Account: 'rXXXXXXXXX..',
  Destination: 'rYYYYYYYYY..',
  DestinationTag: 1337,
  Amount: 0.25 * 1000000, // Amount in drops, so multiply (6 decimal positions)
  LastLedgerSequence: null // Null = auto detect, last + 5

new RippledWsClient('wss://').then((Connection) => {
  new RippledWsClientSign(Transaction, Seed, Connection).then((TransactionSuccess) => {
    console.log('TransactionSuccess', TransactionSuccess)
  }).catch((SignError) => {
    console.log('SignError', SignError.details) // .details ;)
}).catch((ConnectionError) => {
  console.log('ConnectionError', ConnectionError)


In the sample (above) a family seed is entered (as the second RippledWsClientSign argument). It is also possible to supply a keypair; eg.:

  publicKey: "XXXX",
  privateKey: "XXXX"

This lib. supports MultiSig (Multi-Signing) as well; you can sign a MultiSig transaction by providing an array with either multiple keypairs or multiple family seeds. They can be used in mixed mode. Here's a sample.

If you want to set an alternate signAs value you can specify the account or signAs value in the objects in the array with the MultiSig keypairs/seeds. Sample:

let MultiSigKeypairs = [
    privateKey: '00018FFAF1911AC7C1D52833D2DD20CC36AD727C37AB7298D652BA7A1F48786C63',
    signAs: 'rsAW8cc8EXkmogYse6zz3Z9NU2QEep5q3p'
    familySeed: 'ssPpqpaqWkq7F7yDnS5aY16S7Qu1V'

When the fee is not specified in the transaction (causing the lib. to auto-detect the fee) the fee will be multiplied by the amount of signers as per the Ripple documentation.

Note on using this with Vue Webpack

When using this code in online mode, the source will check for a valid RippledWsClient object using: === 'RippledWsClient'

The default compress / mangle configuration of the UglifyJs plugin will break this. To prevent this, modify build/ and configure the UglifyJsPlugin with the keep_fnames and keep_classnames like this:

  uglifyOptions: {
    compress: {
      warnings: false,
      keep_fnames: true,
      keep_classnames: true
    mangle: {
      keep_fnames: true,
      keep_classnames: true


This class rejects a RippledWsClientSignError-error. This error is identical to Error, but adds the .details property. In .details additional information about the Error is available (e.g. the response from the rippled-server).

The following errors (....details.type) exist:

Connectivity / Account
  • invalid_wsclient
  • subscribe_error
  • account_info_invalid
  • account_info_error
Seed / keypair
  • seed_invalid
  • keypair_invalid_keys
  • keypair_invalid_hex
  • keypair_invalid
Transaction contents
  • transaction_invalid
  • transaction_invalid_no_signed_object
  • invalid_transaction_json
  • invalid_transaction_type
  • invalid_transaction_jsonstring
Offline / Fee / Sequence requirements
  • sequence_required_offline
  • fee_required_offline
  • sequence_not_a_number
Transaction Sign / Submit / Response
  • transaction_error
  • transaction_submit_error
  • transaction_submit_non_tes_or_queued
  • sign_error


This module will ALWAYS sign locally / client-side.

Your seed / secret / Private Key will NEVER be sent accross the WebSocket / internet πŸŽ‰


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