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Platform dedicated to all Ruby/Rails User Groups around Europe

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With we aim to make all the Ruby User Groups in Europe visible using Google Maps and a simple Sinatra project. We want to know about all the meetups and events that happen on our continent, because we think we are missing out on way too much fun.

The project is hosted by Heroku.

How to get involved

  • Fork the repo:

  • Write & commit a feature (see the issue tracker for inspiration)

  • Write about your feature on the issue tracker

  • Send a pull request for extra attention!


Check for a list of gems that are installed on Heroku by default. We use the following gems:

  • sinatra 0.9.4

  • haml 2.2.3

  • dm-core 0.9.11

  • dm-aggregates 0.9.11

  • json 1.1.4

  • ruby-openid 2.1.7

For development, we use the following additional gems:

  • rspec

  • rack-test


See the issue tracker


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