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Wiki Education Dashboard

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The Wiki Education Dashboard is a web application that supports Wikipedia education assignments, edit-a-thons, and other editing projects. It provides data and course management features for groups of editors — instructors, students, and others — who are working on Wikipedia, Wikidata, and other Wikimedia wikis. Users log in with their Wikipedia accounts (through OAuth) and allow the Dashboard to make edits on their behalf. The Dashboard automates many of the standard elements of organizing and participating in a Wikipedia classroom assignment, edit-a-thon, or other wiki contribution campaign.

The Dashboard code runs two main sites: the Wiki Education Dashboard — — and the Wikimedia Programs & Events Dashboard — is used for Wiki Education programs, primarily focused on higher education in the United States and Canada. is for the global Wikimedia community to organize all kinds of programs, including edit-a-thons, education programs, and other events.

This is a project of Wiki Education.

What it does

The Dashboard allows instructors or program leaders to create a "course" page, which participants can join. It then gathers information about edits those users have made and articles they have edited, and creates a dashboard for each course intended to let instructors and others quickly see key information about the work of student editors. It also creates a global dashboard to see information about many courses at once.


  • Uses a set of endpoints on Wikimedia Labs (see WikiEduDashboardTools) and the Wikipedia API to get information about articles and revisions related to the courses
  • Pulls page views (from the Wikimedia pageviews API) for relevant articles on a daily basis
  • Pulls revision metadata from
  • Provides training modules with content pulled from wiki pages on
  • ...and much more


This project welcomes contributions, and we try to be as newbie-friendly as possible. Check out the CONTRIBUTING file for more details.


Technology overview

  • Backend - Ruby on Rails, with Sidekiq for background jobs and data updates
  • Front end - mostly built with React.js and Redux, with some server-rendered Ruby template (haml)
  • Analytics Pipeline
  • Testing - mainly Rspec, including browser-based feature specs



Translations for the Wiki Education Dashboard interface are handled through

Code of Conduct

This project is part of the Wikimedia technical ecosystem and follows the Wikimedia Code of Conduct.