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# Files in the config/locales directory are used for internationalization
# and are automatically loaded by Rails. If you want to use locales other
# than English, add the necessary files in this directory.
# To use the locales, use `I18n.t`:
# I18n.t 'hello'
# In views, this is aliased to just `t`:
# <%= t('hello') %>
# To use a different locale, set it with `I18n.locale`:
# I18n.locale = :es
# This would use the information in config/locales/es.yml.
# To learn more, please read the Rails Internationalization guide
# available at
format: "%n%u"
unit: ""
thousand: K
million: M
billion: B
trillion: T
quadrillion: Q
number_field: This is a number field. The buttons rendered by most browsers will increment and decrement the input.
cancel: Cancel
create_accounts: Create Wikipedia accounts
dashboard: Wiki Ed Dashboard
documentation: Documentation
error: 'There was an error:'
explore: Explore
field_required: This field is required
field_invalid_characters: This field has invalid characters
field_invalid_date: This field requires a date in YYYY-MM-DD format
field_invalid_date_time: The end must be after the start. (Hours go from 0 to 23.)
greeting2: Welcome!
greeting_extended: Welcome to Wikipedia
greeting: Hello!
help: Help
home: Home
log_in_extended: Log in with Wikipedia
log_in: Log in
log_out: Log out
my_dashboard: My Dashboard
recent_activity: Recent Activity
report_problem: Report a problem
request_account: Request an account
request_account_create: Create an account
search: ask a question
search_results: "Results for: '%{search_terms}'"
no_results: "No results found for '%{query}'"
sign_up_extended: Sign up with Wikipedia
sign_up_wikipedia: Or sign up on Wikipedia
# FIXME: deprecate lego message
sign_up_log_in_extended: with Wikipedia
sign_up: Sign up
submit: Submit
training: Training
change: Change
details: Details
confirm: OK
opt_in: 'Yes'
opt_out: 'No'
opt_yes: 'yes'
opt_no: 'no'
Click on Create Course to create your first course.
create_preparation_note: >
Be sure to have your academic calendar on hand before you begin; the
assignment design tool will use the meeting dates of your class —
including any school breaks and holidays — to fit your timeline into
the date range you choose. Remember, you can always edit the timeline to
fit your needs.
explore_course_pages: Explore the Course Pages
explore_examples: Explore Examples
Once you receive a passcode from your instructor, click on Find Your
Course to find and join it.
Looks like you don't have any courses.
Looks like you haven't joined a course yet.
opt_out: Request to opt out of orientation
orientation_notice: >
Before you create a course, let's go through orientation to help you get
started. (It takes about 30 minutes to complete.)
review_orientation: Review Orientation
start_orientation: Start Orientation
blog_headline: Recent News from Wiki Education
about_programs: >
This site tracks wiki activities through Programs — individual events
like an edit-a-thon or school course. Each Program is part of one
or more Campaigns, which provide aggregate statistics across Programs.
about_creating_programs: >
If you are running a single, independent event, you can create a
Program now. If your event is part of something bigger, find or create the
Campaign for it. Then you can create a new Program from the Campaign page.
explore: Explore
log_in: Log in with Wikipedia
sign_up: Sign up with Wikipedia
sign_up_help: >
To use the dashboard, you'll need to sign in through Wikipedia and give
it permission to access your account. You can log in with an existing
Wikipedia account, or create a new one.
all: Activity
edited_by: Edited By
label: Activity
article_development: (article development)
assigned: Assigned Articles
available: Available Articles
no_available: No Available Articles
next: Next
previous: Previous
article_title: Article Title
assigned_to: Assigned To
character_doc: The sum of characters added to articles by enrolled editors between the start and end dates
cross_wiki_tracking: >
Mainspace pages edited between the start and end dates are listed below.
The dashboard pulls in contributions from the home wiki of this program, along
with any other wikis for which there is an Assignment or an Available Article.
deleted: (deleted)
edited: Articles Edited
edited_by: 'Edited by:'
edited_mobile: Articles
wiki_all: All
new: New
existing: Existing
new_and_existing: New and Existing
hide: Hide
history: (history)
label: Articles
loading: Loading articles...
new: (new)
none: This course has not edited any articles.
rating: Class
rating_doc: The rating an article has been assigned by WikiProjects on Wikipedia. These ratings may corresponds to much older versions, so they are just a rough indicator of article maturity.
fa: "%{class} (Featured article) — Wikipedia's highest rating, probably too mature an article for a new editor's main project"
fl: "%{class} (Featured list) — Wikipedia's highest rating for lists"
a: "%{class}-class — very developed article that may be too mature an article for a new editor's main project"
ga: "%{class} (Good article) — a well-developed article that may be too mature an article for a new editor's main project"
b: "%{class}-class — a moderately developed article"
c: "%{class}-class — an intermediate article with room for improvement"
start: "%{class}-class — a preliminary article with plenty of room for improvement"
stub: "%{class}-class — a short beginning of an article that needs more content"
list: "%{class}-class — a list rather than a conventional article"
?: Unrated — an article that hasn't yet been rated on Wikipedia's quality scale
does_not_exist: This article does not exist on Wikipedia
see_more: See more
show_cumulative_changes: Show Cumulative Changes
show_current_version: Show Current Version
show_current_version_with_authorship_highlighting: 'Current Version w/ Authorship Highlighting'
title: Title
title_example: Article title
tools: Assessment tools
view: View Article
view_all: View All
view_doc: The sum of all views to each article during the project
view_on_wiki: View on wiki
# This is a maintence script message
views_added: "Added %{count} new views for %{title}"
edit_size: Edit Size
wiki: Wiki
wp10: Structural Completeness
wp10_doc: >
The 'Structural Completeness' score represents how closely an article fits
the mold of a mature Wikipedia article, based on the machine learning-based
Objective Revision Evaluation Service ( These
scores are calculated based on the size of an article, the number of
references and wikilinks, and other basic text features. A high score
usually indicates that an article follow Wikipedia's conventions for the
structure of a good article, but it does not take into account the content
itself. (These scores are only available for English Wikipedia articles.)
article: The article %{title} is now assigned to you.
already_exists: This assignment already exists!
title_too_large: The title shouldn't exceed 255 characters
assignees: Assignee(s)
assign_other: Assign an article
add_available: Add available articles
add_available_placeholder: Add one article title or URL per line
add_available_submit: Add articles
assign_self: Assign myself an article
assign_tooltip: An assigned article is one that you plan to create or improve.
clone: Clone
confirm_add_available: Are you sure you want to add %{title}?
confirm_addition: Are you sure you want to assign %{title} to %{username}?
confirm_deletion: Are you sure you want to delete this article assignment?
label: Assign
loading: Loading assignments...
none_short: No articles assigned
none: This course has no assigned articles.
no_available: This course has no available articles.
peer_review_count_tooltip: You should select %{total} articles to peer review.
remove: Remove
reviewers: Reviewer(s)
review_other: Assign a review
review_self: Review an article
review_tooltip: This is for article(s) you plan to peer review or provide feedback on.
select: Select
title: Milestones
active_campaigns: Active Campaigns
add_organizer: Add organizer
alert_article: Article title
alert_label: Campaign Alerts
alert_select_label: Filter by alert type
alert_type: Type
alert_user_id: User
all_campaigns: All Campaigns
already_exists: That campaign already exists! Please try again with a different title or slug.
campaign: Campaign
campaigns: Campaigns
campaign_deleted: Campaign "%{title}" has been deleted
campaign_not_updated: Campaign could not be updated
campaign_updated: Campaign updated
created_at: Date
confirm_campaign_deletion: Are you sure you want to delete the campaign titled "%{title}"? If so, type the title of the campaign to proceed.
confirm_campaign_deletion_failed: '"%{title}" is not the title of this campaign. The campaign has not been deleted.'
confirm_course_removal: Are you sure you want to remove "%{title}" from the "%{campaign_title}" campaign?
course_already_removed: '"%{title}" was already removed from the "%{campaign_title}" campaign'
course: Course
course_removed: '"%{title}" has been removed from the "%{campaign_title}" campaign'
create_campaign: Create a New Campaign
create_my_campaign: Create my Campaign!
customize_passcode: a default passcode
data_download_info: Download campaign data as CSVs
data_courses: Course overview data
data_courses_info: Basic metrics for each course/program
data_articles: Pages edited
data_revisions: Revisions data
data_articles_info: Details about each tracked page edited by the campaign
data_revisions_info: Details about each tracked revisions of the campaign
data_instructors: Instructors
data_instructors_info: List of instructors/facilitators and their courses/programs
data_editors_by_course: Editors by course
data_editors_by_course_info: List of enrolled editors and their courses/programs
data_editor_usernames: Editor usernames
data_editor_usernames_info: List of editor usernames, one per line
default_course_type: Default Course Type
default_passcode: Default Passcode
default_passcode_explanation: "By default, new programs in this campaign should have:"
description: Description
delete_campaign: Delete this campaign
disable_account_requests: Disable account requests
enable_account_requests: Enable account requests
no_alerts: This campaign has no alerts
no_passcode: no passcode
none: None
organizers: Organizers
organizer_added: '%{user} is now an organizer of the "%{title}" campaign'
organizer_removed: '%{user} has been removed as an organizer of the "%{title}" campaign'
program_template: Program Template
program_template_tooltip: >
When an organizer creates a program in this campaign,
the text in this area will be copied over as a description on the program page
random_passcode: a random passcode
requested_accounts: Requested accounts
title: Title
use_start_end_dates: Use start and end dates
add_category: Add category
add_template: Add template
add_this_category: Add this category
add_this_template: Add this template
confirm_category_addition: Are you sure you want to track contributions to the category "%{name}"?
confirm_template_addition: Are you sure you want to track contributions to the template "%{name}"?
depth: Subcategory depth
name: Name
category_name: Category name
template_name: Template name
none: There are no categories being tracked.
remove: Remove
tracked_categories: Tracked Categories & Templates
label: Chat
assignment_edits_enabled: Assignment edits enabled
assignment_edits_enabled_tooltip: >
If enabled, the dashboard will post a template to the talk page
for each assigned article.
accounts_generation_enabled: Accounts request generation enabled
accounts_generation_explanation: >
This will allow participants to enter their email address and desired
username, instead of creating new accounts themselves. You will then be
able to create the accounts from this Dashboard, and add them as
program participants at the same time. To use this feature, you should
have 'account creator' permission on the home wiki for this program.
accounts_generation_confirm_message: Are you sure you want to enable account requests?
activity: Activity
active_courses: Active %{course_type}
add_trainings: Please add student trainings to your assignment timeline. Assigning training modules is an essential part of Wiki Ed's best practices.
alerts: Alerts
all_courses: All Courses
already_enrolled: You are already a part of '%{title}'!
already_exists: That already exists for this course!
archived: Archived Courses
actions: Actions
articles: Articles
articles_none: This course has not edited any articles.
assigned_articles: Assigned Articles
assigned_reviews: Assigned Reviews
available_articles: Available Articles
available_reviews: Classmates' Articles
assignment_end: Assignment End
assignments_none: This course has no assigned articles.
assignment_start: Assignment Start
legend: Legend
legend_class_canceled: Holiday/Canceled
legend_class_meeting: Class Meeting
legend_class_not_meeting: No Scheduled Meeting
select_meeting_days: Select the days of the week on which your class meets.
cancel: 'Cancel'
character_doc: The sum of characters added to mainspace articles by the course's students during the course term
campaigns: 'Campaigns: '
campaign_articles: '%{title} Articles'
campaign_courses: '%{title} Courses'
campaign_select: 'Select a campaign'
campaign_users: '%{title} Editors'
confirm_course_deletion: Are you sure you want to delete the course titled %{title}? If so, type the title of the course to proceed.
confirm_course_deletion_failed: '"%{title}" is not the title of this course. The course has not been deleted.'
confirm_manual_update: Are you sure you want to run a manual update? The most recent revisions will be imported and then the page will reload. This process may take some time.
course: Course
course_dates_calendar_instructions: >
Select dates to add or remove them from the schedule (e.g., holidays, no
school). Click the date to change between unselected, selected, and
holiday state. The dates of course activities will change to account for
weeks that have no scheduled meetings.
course_description: Courses
courses: Courses
courses_taught: Courses Taught
creation_date: Creation Date
already_exists: This course already exists. Consider changing the name, school, or term to make it unique.
assignment_end: Assignment end
assignment_end_placeholder: YYYY-MM-DD
assignment_start: Assignment start
assignment_start_placeholder: YYYY-MM-DD
cancel_course_clone: Cancel course clone
cancel_course_clone_confirm: Are you sure you want to stop cloning this course?
checking_for_uniqueness: This course is being checked for uniqueness.
choose_clone: Choose a course to clone.
clone_previous: Clone Previous Course
clone_this: Clone This Course
cloned_course_calendar_instructions: >
Select dates to add or remove them from the schedule (e.g., holidays, no
school). Click the date to change between unselected, selected, and
holiday state. If you have no holidays, check "I have no class holidays".
The cloned timeline will automatically adjust the dates to account for
weeks that have no scheduled meetings.
clone_successful: Update Details for Cloned Course
clone_successful_details: >
Your course has been cloned, including the elements of the timeline
(weeks and blocks). Be sure to add the dates, which are not carried over.
Has anything else about your course changed? Feel free to update it now.
course_dates_info: Enter the starting and ending dates for your course. In the next step, you can choose when to begin the Wikipedia assignment within that timeframe.
course_description: Course description
course_description_placeholder: >
What is covered in your course, and what will students be doing on Wikipedia?
Please include enough detail to give other Wikipedia editors a sense of
context for the contributions your students will be making.
course_private: Private program (viewable only by admins and facilitators)
course_school: Course school
course_subject: Course subject
course_term: Course term
course_term_placeholder: Term
course_title: Course title
basic_course_name: Basic Program
basic_course_description: This program type will track edits to any articles or mainspace pages by any participants. If automated wiki edits are enabled on the program's home wiki, then an on-wiki version of this program will be automatically created and updated.
edit_a_thon_name: Edit-A-Thon
edit_a_thon_description: An Edit-A-Thon program will track edits to any articles or mainspace pages. By default, no automated edits will be made for this program.
article_scoped_program_name: Article Scoped Program
article_scoped_program_description: This program type only tracks edits for assigned articles or categories. Use this type if you want to limit the statistics to a known collection of articles or topic areas. By default, automated wiki edits are turned on.
create_button: Create my Course!
create_label: Create New Course
create_new: Create a New Course
create_short: Create Course
end_date: End date
end_date_placeholder: YYYY-MM-DD
expected_number: Expected number of students
find: Find Your Course
intro: >
The title, school, and term create your course page’s URL, and can't be
changed. Everything else, you can edit later. Click “Create my Course!” to
start building the timeline for your Wikipedia assignment.
new_or_clone: >
You can create a new course now using the assignment design wizard.
If you have a highly customized timeline from a previous course that you
want to re-use, you can clone a copy of it with new dates. (If you did
not significantly customize your timeline previously, we recommend
starting a new course so that you'll have the most up-to-date
versions of the assignment options.) You can also use the clone option
to create additional sections for a course you already set up.
no_class_holidays: I have no class holidays
role_description: Your role in the course
- Instructor
- Teaching Assistant
role_description_placeholder: Instructor, teaching assistant, etc
separate_event_dates: Specify separate event start/end times (optional)
separate_event_dates_info: >
Activity statistics for this program will be tracked based on the dates
and times above, but you can specify separate times for when the event
or program itself starts and ends (for example, so that participants know
when to show up or when the venue closes).
save_cloned_course: Save New Course
start_date: Start date
start_date_placeholder: YYYY-MM-DD
subject: Subject
update_scheduled: >
Update scheduled. The data will be updated along with all current
programs during the next update cycle. This typically takes
several hours.
current: Current Courses
data_articles: Articles data
data_articles_info: >
Articles data includes the number of edits to each page, which pages are new,
and pageview totals. These pageview values may be out of date for courses
that have already ended, so a url to the WMF Tool Labs pageview tool is
data_revisions_info: Revision data includes revision count of the course, revision id, article id, which pages are new and pageviews totals.
data_download_info: Download data in CSV format.
data_overview: Overview data
data_overview_info: Overview data provides cumulative statistics for the whole project.
data_edits: Edits data
data_edits_info: Edits data shows details for each edit made during the project.
data_students: Editors data
data_students_info: >
Editors data lists all the enrolled editors, how much they edited, and
whether they registered their accounts during the project.
data_uploads: Commons uploads data
data_revisions: Revisions data
data_uploads_info: Commons uploads data shows the name and usage count of each media upload.
delete_course: Delete course
delete_suggestion: Delete
delete_course_instructions: You may delete this page if all campaigns are removed first.
dismiss_survey: Dismiss
dismiss_survey_confirm: Are you sure you want to permanently dismiss this survey?
download_stats_data: Download stats
does_not_exist: The Article doesn't exist. Create a Sandbox page and assign yourself to that to receive suggestions.
duration: Course Duration
edit_count: Edit Count
edit_course_dates: Edit Course Dates
embed_course_stats: Embed Course Stats
embed_course_stats_description: To embed the stats for this program in another website, copy and paste this code snippet into
enable_account_requests: Enable account requests
enable_chat: Enable chat
end: End
ended: The course has ended.
enroll: Enroll
enrollment: Add/Remove Students
enrollment_edits_enabled: Enrollment edits enabled
enrollment_edits_enabled_tooltip: >
If enabled, the dashboard will post a template to the userpage and talk page of
each editor who joins the program.
courses_enrolled: Courses enrolled
exists: That course already exists! Please try again with a different title, school, or term.
user_exists: "Sorry, %{username} is not an existing user."
invalid_language_or_project: Invalid language/project
invalid_slug: Blank school/title for course.
duplicate_slug: 'Another program called %{slug} already exists.'
expected_students: Expected Students
features_feedback: 'Automated Suggestions:'
feedback: Feedback
feedback_loading: Please wait while suggestions are Loading...
gradeables_none: This course has no gradeable assignments.
home_wiki: Home Wiki
multi_wiki: Tracked Wikis
one: Instructor
other: Instructors
instructors: Instructors
invitation: >
You’ve been invited to join %{title}. To join the course, you need to log in with a Wikipedia account.
invitation_username_advice: >
If you don’t have a Wikipedia account yet, sign up for one now.
Your username can be as anonymous — or as personally identifying — as you wish.
(Shared accounts are not allowed.)
join: Join
join_course: Join course
join_course_as_volunteer: Volunteer to help
join_prompt: Join '%{title}'?
join_successful: >
You’ve successfully joined %{title}.
The dashboard will automatically keep track of your contributions with periodic updates. Check back later to see what impact you've made!
join_failed: Enrollment failed.
cannot_join_twice: Users may not join the same course twice.
not_yet_approved: This course has not yet been approved for enrollment.
join_details: To join this course, you need to get the passcode — or an enrollment link that includes the passcode — from the instructor. If you haven't received this, contact your instructor.
join_no_passcode: Are you sure you want to join this course?
launch_wizard: Launch the Wizard
leave_confirmation: Are you sure you want to leave this course?
leave_course: Leave course
loading: Loading…
milestones_none: This course does not currently have any milestones.
my_articles: My Articles
needs_update: Schedule Data Update
new_week: Add New Week
new_account_check_username: Check username availability
new_account_email: Email address
new_account_info: >
To request an account, enter your email address and your desired username.
A password will be emailed to you once the account has been created by one
of the facilitators.
new_account_info_admin: >
To create an account for a new editor, enter their email address and
desired username. A password will be emailed to them once the account has
been created.
new_account_username: Requested username
new_account_username_invalid: This is not a valid username.
new_account_username_placeholder: Wiki Editor 123
new_account_username_taken: That username is already taken. Please choose another.
new_account_submit: Request account
new_account_submitted: >
Your request for an account has been submitted. The Facilitator for this program
can finalize your account creation now. Once it is created, you'll get a password
for the new account by email.
new_account_submitted_admin: >
Your request for an account has been created. Please inform your students to check
their email inbox to get their new password
no_campaign: To make this program active and allow users to join, it must be added to a campaign. If you're unsure of which campaign to add, use 'Miscellanea'.
nocourses: You are not participating in any courses.
nocourse: has not participated in any courses.
none: None
not_permitted: You are not permitted to edit this course.
notify_untrained_confirmation: >
This will post a reminder on the talk pages for all students who overdue
for completing assigned training modules. Are you sure you want to do this?
no_available_actions: No available actions
online_volunteers_enabled: Online Volunteers enabled
online_volunteers_tooltip: Enabling Online Volunteers allows user editors to join as a volunteer. Their edits will not be tracked.
ores_plot: ORES
overview: Home
passcode: Passcode
passcode_none: No passcode
passcode_prompt: "Enter the passcode to join:"
please_log_in: "Please log in."
private: Private
published: "Your course has been published! Students may enroll in the course by visiting the following URL:"
rating_feedback: "Predicted rating for the article is: "
requested_accounts: Requested accounts
one: '%{count} requested account pending.'
other: '%{count} requested accounts pending.'
requested_accounts_alert_view: 'View'
review_timeline: >
Now, review your assignment timeline, customizing it to fit your needs.
Once you're satisfied, you can submit it for approval by Wiki Education staff.
Once approved, you'll receive an enrollment URL that students can use to
join the course and access the trainings. (Note: You'll still be able to make edits later.)
revisions_doc: The number of edits in the past %{timeframe} days
revisions_none: This course has no recent Wikipedia editing activity.
school: School
school_and_term: Institution/Term
search_courses: Search courses
start: Start
start_typing: Start typing
students: Students
students_taught: Students Taught
students_count: "# Students"
student_editors: Student Editors
students_none: This course has no students.
students_short: Students
submitted_admin: >
This course has been submitted for approval by its creator. To approve it,
add it to a campaign on the Overview page.
submitted_and_pending_heading: Submitted & Pending Approval
submitted_heading: Submitted Courses
submitted_note: >
Your course has been submitted. Wiki Education staff will review it and get in
touch with any questions.
suggestions_feedback: Have any suggestions to improve this feature? Let us know!
suggestions_sending: Sending Feedback...
suggestions_sent: Feedback Sent. Thanks for your input.
suggestions_failed: Couldn't send feedback. Try again later.
user_role: Role
course_details: Course Details
course_submitted: Submitted status is used for education program courses where a course plan must be approved before the project begins. It is only relevant for the ClassroomProgram course type.
subject: Subject
submitted: Submitted
tag_select: 'Select or create a tag'
tags: 'Tags: '
term: Term
timeline: Assignment Details
timeline_enabled: Timeline enabled
timeline_link: Timeline
timeline_tooltip: Enabling the Timeline will let you specify week-by-week activities and assign training modules. It is useful for Education Program courses and other long, highly structured programs.
timeline_nav: Go to Timeline
time_zone_message: Start and end times are displayed in your local time zone.
title: Title
The training module "%{title}" is assigned for this course, and is due on %{date}.
training_nav: Go to training
The training module "%{title}" is assigned for this course, and was due on %{date}.
unsubmitted: Unsubmitted Courses
untrained: Untrained
update_stats: Update statistics
uploads_none: This class has not contributed any images or other media files to Wikimedia Commons.
user_uploads_none: This user has not contributed any images or other media files to Wikimedia Commons.
user_recent_uploads: Recent Uploads
user_suggestions: 'User Suggestions:'
user_suggestions_prompt: 'Your suggestions for the editors of the article'
view_other: View other campaigns
view: View Course
view_doc: The sum of all views to articles edited by enrolled editors since the editor made their first edit to each article
view_page: View Course Page
view_wiki: View on Wikipedia
one: Volunteer
other: Volunteers
weeks_none: This course does not have a timeline yet.
warn_mirrored: >
Upon submission, this course will be automatically posted to Wikipedia with your user account.
After that, new edits to the timeline will be mirrored to Wikipedia.
Are you sure you want to do this?
wiki_course_page_enabled: Wiki course page enabled
wiki_course_page_enabled_tooltip: >
If enabled, an on-wiki mirror of the page will be updated whenever the
program or its users and assignments are changed.
wiki_edits_enabled: Wiki edits enabled
wiki_edits_enabled_tooltip: >
If wiki edits are enabled, then automated on-wiki edits will be made for this program. Disable wiki edits
if you don't want templates added to user pages, the talk pages of assigned articles, etc.
wiki_staff: Wiki Education Staff
withdrawn: Did not do assignment
word_count_doc: An estimate of the number of words added to mainspace articles by the course's students during the course term
yourcourses: Your Courses
notification_message: Take our survey for this course.
link: Take Survey
# These are strings that are not specific to education/classroom contexts
add_campaign: Add campaign
all_courses: All Programs
archived: Archived Programs
articles_none: There are no edited articles for this project yet.
available_reviews: Available to Review
assignment_end: Event End
assignments_none: This project has no assigned articles.
assignment_start: Event Start
cancel: Cancel
course: Program
courses: Programs
courses_taught: Programs Taught
campaigns: 'Campaigns: '
campaign_courses: '%{title} Programs'
assignment_end: Event end
assignment_end_placeholder: YYYY-MM-DD
assignment_start: Event start
assignment_start_placeholder: YYYY-MM-DD
cancel_course_clone: Cancel program clone
cancel_course_clone_confirm: Are you sure you want to stop cloning this program?
checking_for_uniqueness: This program is being checked for uniqueness.
choose_clone: Choose a program to clone.
clone_previous: Clone Previous Program
clone_this: Clone This Program
clone_successful: Program Successfully Cloned
clone_successful_details: >
Your program has been cloned.
Click 'Save' below to finalize it.
course_when: Add something in the 'When' field (for example, the month and year) to differentiate it from the original.
course_dates_info: >
Enter the starting and ending dates for your program. You may wish to extend the end to several hours or days beyond
the end of the main activities, to include related editing that happens soon after the event.
course_description: Program description
course_description_placeholder: >
What is this program, and what will participants be doing on the wiki(s)?
Please include enough detail to give other editors a sense of
context for the contributions that participants will be making.
course_school: Institution
course_term: When
course_term_placeholder: When
course_title: Program title
create_button: Create my Program!
create_label: Create New Program
create_new: Create an Independent Program
create_short: Create Program
end_date: End of activity tracking
find: Find a Program
intro: >
The program title and institution form the URL of the program. The home wiki
is the main wiki where participants will be working, and edits on this wiki
will tracked by default. If your program spans multiple languages or projects,
contributions will also be tracked for any wiki that has been explicitly added
to the "Tracked Wikis".
Click "Create my Program!" to start building the page for your wiki program.
new_or_clone: >
Create a new program now, or use the 'clone' option to copy another program
that you participated in.
participate_in_campaign: Participate in a Campaign
save_cloned_course: Save
start_date: Start of activity tracking
delete_course: Delete program
edit_course_dates: Edit Project Dates
end: Activity tracking end
enroll: Add Editor
enrollment: Add/Remove Editors
explore: Find Programs
courses_enrolled: Programs participated
expected_students: Expected Editors
instructors: Facilitators
join_course: Join program
join_details: To join this program, you need to get the passcode — or link that includes the passcode — from the facilitator.
leave_course: Leave program
milestones_none: This project does not currently have any milestones.
not_permitted: You are not permitted to edit this program.
published: "This project has been published! Editors may enroll by visiting the following URL:"
request_accounts: Request accounts
revisions_none: This project has no recent editing activity.
school: Institution
school_and_term: Institution/When
search_courses: Search programs
start: Activity tracking start
student_editors: Editors
students: Editors
students_taught: Total Editors
students_none: This project has no editors enrolled.
students_short: Editors
students_count: Number of participants
term: When
unsubmitted: Unsubmitted Programs
uploads_none: This project has not contributed any images or other media files to Wikimedia Commons.
user_uploads_none: Selected users have not contributed any images or other media files to this project.
view_other: View other campaigns
view_page: View Program Page
word_count_doc: An estimate of the number of words added to mainspace articles by the program's editors during the program term
yourcourses: Your Programs
edit: Edit
cancel: Cancel
save: Save
edit_description: Edit Description
edit_details: Edit Details
edit_template: Edit Template
rename_confirmation: The course fields that form the URL have changed. This will change the URL and break any incoming links. Are you sure you want to do this?
label: Course Activity
last_update: Last statistics update
next_update: Next estimated update
activity: Recent Activity
are_trained: are up-to-date with training
articles_created: Articles Created
articles_edited: Articles Edited
bytes_added: Bytes Added
characters: Characters
char_added: Chars Added
char_changed: Characters Changed
char: Chars Added
date_time: Date/Time
edit_count_description: Total Edits
per_user: '%{number}/user'
revisions: Recent Edits
references_count: References Added
references_doc: This is the number of reference tags added to articles, and can include multiple references to the same source. The data comes from the ORES article quality model, and is only available for some languages.
tags: Tags
upload_count: Commons Uploads
one: file used in an article
other: files used in articles
one: total usage across languages
other: total usages across languages
view_count_description: Article Views
view_data_unavailable: No view data available
view: Views
word_count: Words Added
word_count_average: Average Word Count
main: Mainspace
main_char_added: Mainspace chars added
user: Userspace
user_char_added: Userspace chars added
user_ns: User
active_courses: Article is active in
article_title: Article Title
datetime: Date/Time
did_you_know_eligible: Did You Know Eligible
image: Image
file_name: File Name
no_dyk_eligible: There are not currently any DYK-eligible articles.
no_plagiarism: There are not currently any recent revisions suspected of plagiarism.
no_edits: There are no recent edits.
plagiarism_report: Plagiarism Report
possible_plagiarism: Possible Plagiarism
recent_edits: Recent Edits
recent_uploads: Recent Uploads
revision_author: Revision Author
revision_datetime: Revision Date/Time
revision_score: Revision Score
show_courses: Show My Courses Only
uploaded_by: Uploaded By
usage_count: Usage Count
chars_added: Chars Added
references: References Added
class: Class
date_time: Date/Time
diff: diff
diff_show: Show
diff_hide: Hide
edit_time_span: Edits occurred from %{first_time} to %{last_time}
edited_by: Edited By
edited_on: Edited on %{edit_date}
loading: Loading revisions...
none: This course has no recent editing activity.
time_doc: The time of each revision in your local time
title: Title
view_on_wiki: View diff on wiki
see_more: See more
label: Resources
header: Resources and Training
form_label: Grant admin privileges
form_placeholder: User Name
confirm_add_admin: "Grant admin"
confirm_remove_admin: "Remove admin privileges for"
already_admin: "%{username} is already an admin!"
elevate_success: "%{username} elevated to admin."
revoke_button: 'Revoke admin'
revoke_button_confirm: 'Revoke admin rights from %{username}'
revoking_button_working: 'Revoking...'
already_instructor: "%{username} is already an instructor!"
demote_success: "%{username} changed to instructor."
no_super_admin: "Can't revoke admin status from a super admin"
form_label: Grant Special User privileges
form_placeholder: User Name
confirm_add_special_user: "Add Special User"
confirm_remove_special_user: "Remove Special User privileges for"
already_is: "%{username} is already an {position}!"
elevate_success: "%{username} elevated to {position}."
revoke_button: 'Revoke Special User'
revoke_button_confirm: 'Revoke Special User rights from %{username}'
revoking_button_working: 'Revoking...'
already_is_not: "%{username} is not a Special User!"
demote_success: "%{username} is now just a user."
# Suggestions source:
editing: Editing Suggestions
fa: No further content additions should be necessary unless new information becomes available; further improvements to the prose quality are often possible.
a: Expert knowledge may be needed to tweak the article, and style problems may need solving. Peer review may help.
ga: Some editing by subject and style experts is helpful; comparison with an existing featured article on a similar topic may highlight areas where content is weak or missing.
bplus: May be improved by input from experts to assess where coverage is still missing, and also by illustrations, historical background, and further references. Consider peer review or nominating for good article status. If the article is not already fully wikified, now is the time.
b: A few aspects of content and style need to be addressed. Expert knowledge may be needed. The inclusion of supporting materials should be considered if practical, and the article checked for general compliance with the Manual of Style and related style guidelines.
c: Considerable editing is needed to close gaps in content and solve cleanup problems.
start: Providing references to reliable sources should come first; the article also needs substantial improvement in content and organisation. Also improve the grammar, spelling, writing style and improve the jargon use.
stub: Any editing or additional material can be helpful. The provision of meaningful content should be a priority. The best solution for a Stub-class Article to step up to a Start-class Article is to add in referenced reasons of why the topic is significant.
fl: No further content additions should be necessary unless new information becomes available.
list: Lists should be lists of live links to Wikipedia articles, appropriately named and organized.
future: Material added might be speculation and should be carefully sourced.
disambig: Additions should be made as new articles of that name are created. Pay close attention to the proper naming of such pages, as they often do not need "(disambiguation)" appended to the title.
?: Suggestions not available - The article is either not rated or suggestions not available for the rating.
does_not_exist: This article does not exist on Wikipedia.
# These are maintenance script messages.
conseq: "Task %{task} is already running!"
constant: "Task %{task} can not run while task update_daily is running."
paused: "Task %{task} cannot run because scheduled updates have been paused. Run 'rake batch:resume' to resume updates."
none: "No tickets"
add_week: Add Week
arrange_timeline: Arrange Timeline
arrange_timeline_instructions: >
Arrange timeline by ‘dragging & dropping’ blocks into the desired
location/week, or reposition the blocks using the arrows on the card.
assignment_dates_instructions: >
Select the start and end dates for the Wikipedia assignment timeline.
Changing the start date will shift the dates of the entire timeline.
blackout_week_created: >
There are blocks scheduled for this week. Please move them to another
week before you remove the last class meeting from this week.
block_assignment: Assignment
block_custom: Custom
block_in_class: In Class
block_milestone: Milestone
block_type: >
The block type is used to communicate to your students about this item on
their timeline and to build useful tools for you (such as the milestone
outline on the Overview page)
course_dates: Course Dates
course_dates_instructions: Select the start and end dates of the entire course (not just the Wikipedia assignment).
course_end: Course End
course_start: Course Start
delete_week_confirmation: "Are you sure you want to delete this week? This will delete the week and all its associated blocks.\n\nThis cannot be undone."
delete_weeks_confirmation: "Are you sure you want to delete this entire timeline and start over? \n\nThis cannot be undone."
discard_all_changes: Discard All Changes
delete_timeline_and_start_over: Delete Timeline
due_default: Due next week
edit_titles: Edit Week Titles
edit_titles_info: Edit week titles in timeline. Only weeks with scheduled meetings can be given custom titles. If any custom titles are used, weeks with no meetings will be dated instead of numbered.
# FIXME: lego message. This one is hard to work around because it has inline components.
empty_week_1: 'To get started, '
empty_week_2: start editing this week
empty_week_3: ' or '
empty_week_4: use the assignment wizard to create a timeline.
first_week_title: First Active Week
gradeable_value: Value
gradeables_none: This timeline has no assignments marked as graded.
grading_header: 'Grading (Total: %{total})'
move_block_down: Move block down
move_block_up: Move block up
no_class_holidays: I have no class holidays
no_timeline: This course has no timeline.
no_activity_this_week: No scheduled meetings this week
nothing_this_week: There is nothing on the schedule for this week.
reset_titles: Reset to Default
reset_titles_confirmation: Are you sure you want to reset all week titles? This cannot be undone.
save_all_changes: Save All
this_week_title_default: This Week
title: Timeline
unable_to_add_week: >
You cannot add new weeks when your timeline is full. Delete at least one
week or change your assignment dates to make room for a new one.
view_full_timeline: View Full Timeline
week_number: 'Week %{number}'
continue: Continue (%{progress})
start: Start
view: View
next: Next Page
page: Page
page_number: Page %{number} of %{total}
previous: < Previous
table_of_contents: Table of Contents
training_library: Training Library
logged_out: 'You are logged out. You will not receive credit for completing this module unless you log in.'
done: Done!
invalid: Sorry that slide does not exist!
wait: Please do not leave the page as your training progress is being updated.
check_answer: Check Answer
included_modules: Included Modules
view_library_source: view library source
view_module_source: view module source
reload_from_source: reload from source
credit: Credit
file_name: File Name
header: Files Uploaded to Wikimedia Commons
image: Image
label: Uploads
loading: Loading uploads...
none: This class has not contributed any images or other media files to Wikimedia Commons.
select_label: Filter by uploader
time_doc: The time of each upload in your local time
uploaded_at: Upload Time
uploader: Uploader
uploaded_by: Uploaded By
uploaded_on: Uploaded On
usage_count: Usage Count
usage_doc: Number of Wikipedia articles that this image appears in.
usage_count_gallery_tile: Used in %{usage_count} articles
usages: Usages
already_enrolled: That user is already enrolled!
assign_articles: Assign Articles
assign_articles_done: Done
assigned: Assigned Articles
assignees: Assignee(s)
loading_authorship_data: loading authorship data
authorship_data_not_fetched: could not fetch authorship data
character_doc: >
The total amount of content a user has added to this namespace,
calculated by adding up the added characters for all edits that
increased page size. This number doesn't necessarily reflect the
amount of new content the user added. Restoring removed content
will also increase this total.
Characters Added<br>(article | user | draft)
contributions: User Contributions
contributions_history_full: View full contribution history
contributions_more: View More Contributions
contribution_statistics: Contribution Statistics
course_passcode: 'Passcode: '
editors: Editors
edits: edits
edits_by: 'Edits by: '
enroll_confirmation: Are you sure you want to add %{username}?
enroll_url: 'Users may join by visiting this URL:'
enrolled_success: '%{username} was added successfully!'
first_name: First name
last_name: Last name
loading: Loading users...
characters_added_mainspace: Characters Added (article)
characters_added_short: "MS: %{mainspace}, US: %{userspace}"
characters_added_userspace: Characters Added (user)
characters_added_draftspace: Characters Added (draft)
references_count: References Added
my_assigned: "Assigned: "
my_reviewing: "Reviewing: "
name: Name
none: There are no participants.
no_articles: No articles
no_revisions: This editor has made no revisions.
one: '%{count} article'
other: '%{count} articles'
recent_revisions: Recent Edits
remove_confirmation: Are you sure you want to remove %{username}?
request_confirmation: Are you sure you want to request this account?
revision_characters_and_views: 'Chars Added: %{characters}, Views: %{views}'
revisions_doc: The number of edits made by this editor in the past 7 days
references_doc: The number of references added or removed by this editor
reviewers: Reviewer(s)
reviewing: Reviewing
sandboxes: sandboxes
total_uploads: "Total Uploads"
one: "is up-to-date with training"
other: "are up-to-date with training"
one: "%{count} training up-to-date"
other: "%{count} training up-to-date"
training_doc: >
Editors who have completed the all assigned training modules that
have come due are counted as up-to-date with their training.
training_incomplete: Training Incomplete
one: "%{completed_count}/%{count} training module completed"
other: "%{completed_count}/%{count} training modules completed"
training_module_name: Training module
training_module_status: Status
user_training_status: Training Status
user_no_training_status: This user has not completed any training modules.
up_to_date_with_training: 'up-to-date with training'
uploads_doc: 'Number of file uploads to Wikimedia Commons'
ungreeted: Ungreeted
username: Username
username_placeholder: Username
useremail_placeholder: Email
userpasscode_placeholder: Passcode
description: Role in course
visitor: Visitor
student: Student
instructor: Instructor
campus_volunteer: Campus Volunteer
online_volunteer: Online Volunteer
wiki_ed_staff: Wiki Education Staff
student_impact: Total impact made by %{username} as a student
instructor_impact: Total impact made by %{username} as an instructor
instructors_student_impact: Total impact made by %{username}'s students
disclaimer: The information you provide will be made available publicly.
bio_placeholder: Add your Bio (optional)
location_placeholder: Add your location (optional)
institution_placeholder: Institution name (optional)
image_link_placeholder: Add link to image (optional)
confirm: >
This will post a reminder on the talk pages of all students who have
overdue training. Are you sure you want to do this?
# header, message and summary are wikitext output that gets posted on user talk pages.
header: You have an overdue training assignment.
message: Please complete the assigned [%{link} training modules].
summary: student training overdue
assignment_dates: Assignment Dates
assignment_description: >
Choose the start and end dates for your assignment timeline. For example,
if you want to start your Wikipedia project the second week of class, set
the assignment start date to one week after the course's start date. This
assignment design tool will create a draft timeline that fits within the
timeline dates you choose.
assignment_type: What will students complete for their Wikipedia assignment?
calendar_instructions: >
Select dates to add or remove them from the schedule (e.g., holidays, no
school). This helps the course creation tool accurately space out your
assignments. Click the date to change between unselected, selected, and
holiday state. If you have no holidays, check "I have no class holidays"
confirm_dates: Choose the course dates, weekly meetings, and holidays for your course.
course_dates: Course Dates
min_weeks: >
This assignment requires at least %{min_weeks} available
weeks. Please adjust your assignment start and end dates if you want to
use this type of assignment.
select_one_option: Please select 1 option.
one: Please select %{count} or more options.
other: Please select %{count} or more options.
read_less: Read Less
read_more: Read More
review_selections: >
Please review your selections below. Click to edit a selection. When
finished, click 'Submit' to finish the wizard and build your timeline.
select_assignment: Select the kind of assignment you want to add to your timeline.
summary: Summary
form_errors: Please check the form for errors.
invalid_assignment: Invalid assignment
invalid_date: '%{key} date is invalid'
invalid_file_format: The file could not be saved. Please upload a PDF or Word document.
oauth_invalid: Your Wikipedia authorization has expired. Please log in again.
start_date_before_end_date: Start date must be before the end date
header: "Unsupported browser. :-("
explanation: >
You are using a browser that isn't compatible with the dashboard. This
site works well on Internet Explorer version 11 or later, on recent
versions of Chrome and Firefox, and on other modern browsers.
header: "Unauthorized. >:-("
explanation: >
You are not authorized to execute this request. If you believe you have
reached this notice in error, please contact the maintainers of this
dashboard to let them know about the problem.
json_explanation: >
It looks like you've gotten logged out. Please refresh, log in, and try again.
header: "Incorrect passcode. :-("
explanation: >
The passcode for enrolling in this course in incorrect. Please ask the
instructor for the current passcode to enroll in this course. You can
retry by entering the correct passcode below.
explanation: "No such course %{slug} exists."
header: "Page not found. :-("
explanation: >
This page doesn't exist. If you were trying to reach the dashboard
for a course, that course may not be registered for this dashboard.
header: "422 — unprocessable entity. :-("
explanation: >
Something went wrong. Please contact the maintainers of this dashboard
to let them know about the problem.
header: "500 — internal server error. :-("
explanation: >
Something went wrong. Please contact the maintainers of this dashboard
to let them know about the problem.
header: "Login Error"
explanation: >
It looks like there was an problem with the sign in process. (Sorry about that! It happens occasionally.) Please try logging in or enrolling again.
# This is a maintenance script message.
timeout: "A request to the %{api} API has timed out and will be retried %{tries} times."
login_message: 'Thank you for your time. Please log in to your Wiki Education dashboard to take the survey.'
notification_explanation: If below is checked, users will receive emails according to the notification schedule, in addition to seeing in-browser notifications. If not, only in-browser notifications will be shown.
notification_schedule_explanation: Notifications include in-brower notifications and emails, if enabled above.
follow_up_explanation: Leave blank if no follow-up notification emails are desired.
headline: "Hello, %{username}"
message_line1: "We hope you had a great term! Wiki Education is seeking your feedback to improve our resources and support for your Wikipedia assignments. Your response is crucial to improving our current offerings."
message_line2: "Are you willing to take 15 minutes to fill out our instructor survey? Click the button below to help us make teaching with Wikipedia an even more rewarding and valuable experience."
course: "Course: %{course_info}"
closing: "Sincerely,"
signed: "- the Wiki Education team"
link: "Take Survey"
message: "This is a reminder about the survey for your course, %{course_title}. Feedback from this survey helps us to improve our support for Wikipedia assignments like yours."
no_responses: "There are no feedback responses yet."
create_account_reason: "This user is participating in %{event}."
header: "How did you hear about us?"
where_did_you_hear: "Where, or from whom, did you first hear about Wiki Education?"
why_are_you_here: "What would you like to do?"
page_assessment_class: "Class"
completeness_estimate: "Completeness Score"
average_views: "Average views per day"
add_available_article: "Add as available article"
remove_article: "Remove article"
minimum_views_label: "Minimum Views"
no_article_found: "No articles found in this category"
search_placeholder: "Enter your keyword"
search: "Search"
tools: "Tools"
show_options: "Show Options"
hide_options: "Hide Options"
keyword_search: "Keyword Search"
category_search: "Category Search"
article_quality: "Article Quality(0-100)"
more_results: "More Results"
fetched_articles: "Fetched Articles"
filtered_articles: "Filtered Articles"
searching_articles: "Searching Articles"
fetching_assessments: "Fetching Page Assessments"
fetching_revisions: "Fetching Page Revisions"
fetching_scores: "Fetching Completeness Score"
fetching_pageviews: "Fetching Page Views"
subheading_message: "Let's find a Wikipedia article to work on."
article_finder: "Article Finder"
submit: "Submit"
relevanceIndex: "Relevance Index"
assign_article_self: "Assign yourself"
unassign_article_self: "Unassign Article"
completed: "Completed"
started: "Started"
not_started: "Not started"
due: "due %{due_date}"
assignment_status: "Training Assignment (%{status})"
selector_placeholder: "Select wiki"
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