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We archive wikis, from Wikipedia to tiniest wikis

WikiTeam software is a set of tools for archiving wikis. They work on MediaWiki wikis, but we want to expand to other wiki engines. As of February 2014, WikiTeam has preserved more than 10,000 stand-alone wikis, several WikiFarms, regular Wikipedia dumps and 24TB of Wikimedia Commons images.

There are thousands of wikis in the Internet. Everyday some of them are no longer publicly available and, due to lack of backups, lost forever. Millions of people download tons of media files (movies, music, books, etc) from the Internet, implementing a kind of distributed backup. Wikis, most of them under free licenses, disappear from time to time because nobody grabbed a copy of them. That is a shame that we would like to solve.

WikiTeam is the Archive Team subcommittee on wikis. It was founded and originally developed by Emilio J. Rodríguez-Posada, a Wikipedia veteran editor and amateur archivist. Many people have help sending suggestions, reporting bugs, writing documentation, providing help in the mailing list and making wiki backups. Thanks to all, especially to: Federico Leva, Alex Buie, Scott Boyd, Hydriz, Platonides, Ian !McEwen and Mike Dupont.

Current events

The last news (follow us on Twitter too!):

  • 2014-02-14: Today, WikiTeam collection at Internet Archive has surpassed the 10,000 wikis milestone. We love wikis. Happy Valentine's Day!
  • 2013-10-14: WikiTeam has just finished archiving all Wikimedia Commons files up to 2012 on the Internet Archive. About 24 TB of content.
  • 2013-03-17: Niklas Laxström has kindly provided a dump of translatewiki.net (13th biggest wiki by number of pages).
  • 2013-01-27: Wikia wikis dumps archived. About 34,000 wikis have dumps, one tenth of existing Wikia wikis. Wikia has now restricted dump requests to "autoconfirmed" users.
See also our older news. For a more detailed action log, see our commit history.

What can you do?

You can do a lot of things:


Are you a researcher? If you have conducted any research about wikis using our software or the backups we made available, we would be glad to hear from your experience.

WikiTeam in the news, blogs, etc


This project contains a lot of material. Be careful with the licenses.


If you want to contact with the WikiTeam community, you can do it:

  • For bug reports, new features requests, notices about new wikis to backup, visit our issues tracker.
  • General discussion about WikiTeam tools and help for new users, visit our mailing list
  • Developers discussion about bugs, patches, features, visit the developers' mailing list
  • There is a social IRC channel in Efnet: irc://efnet/wikiteam (webchat access)

Welcome to the WikiTeam documentation wiki! We are a group dedicated to archiving wikis around the Internet, and you are invited to be part of it! Find out more.

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