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@rajadain rajadain released this 28 Jul 16:49
· 375 commits to develop since this release


This major release was deployed at 11:45 AM EDT on July 28, 2020.

New Features:

  • Shippensburg Land Projections: Incorporate new land projections about urban growth scenarios for the year 2100 prepared by Shippensburg university. Update the visual layers, and add analyze results for them if the area of interest is within the Delware River Basin (DRB). Also, add Presets of those forecasts to the Land Cover dialog in GWLF-E projects, allowing users to model scenarios with those projections.
    #3320 #3334 #3344 #3354
  • Future Weather: Add future weather presets to the Available Data section of the Weather Data dialog in GWLF-E projects. These presets are of two simulations: RCP 4.5 and RCP 8.5 scenarios, for the 20 year period from 2080-2099, for any area of interest within the DRB.
    #3331 #3342 #3362


  • Add SameSite=None; Secure to cookies: Needed as Chrome and other browsers require this setting in cookies used for third party sites. Since MMW is used in embedded environments within educational tools such as LARA of the Concord Consortium, this setting is required.
    #3360 #3364

Bug Fixes:

  • Fix Compare View crash #3352
  • Custom Weather fixes #3337
  • Fix failures in making external storage accessible to RWD #3326

Minor Upgrades: