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Rapid Watershed Delineation Code for MMW2
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A docker image and fork of @nazmussazib's Rapid Watershed Delineation project, for use in Model My Watershed.

Travis CI Docker Repository on Apache V2 License

Getting started

  • Define environment variables (see below)
  • Run ./scripts/
  • Run ./scripts/

Linux & Docker for Mac on macOS

  • Run curl http://localhost:5000/rwd/39.892986/-75.276639

Docker Machine on macOS

  • Find the IP of the default VM using docker-machine ip default
  • Run curl http://<default_vm_ip>:5000/rwd/39.892986/-75.276639

Environment Variables

Name Description Example
RWD_DATA Path to RWD data /media/passport/rwd-nhd

RWD Data

Folder structure:

> tree -L 2 /media/passport/rwd-nhd/
|-- drb
|   |-- Main_Watershed
|   `-- Subwatershed_ALL
`-- nhd
    |-- Main_Watershed
    |-- Subwatershed_ALL

Running inside Model My Watershed

To run RWD inside the MMW application during development, follow these instructions.

In the MMW project:

# Change the rwd_host setting to
vim deployment/ansible/roles/model-my-watershed.rwd/defaults/main.yml
vagrant reload worker --provision

Note that should point to your host. Verify this by running route -n inside the worker VM. It should be the default gateway. For Mac OS X, this IP should be the result of docker-machine ip.

Then in this project, run:



To create a new release, use the following git commands:

$ git flow release start 0.1.0
$ vim
$ vim
$ vim src/api/
$ git add src/api/
$ git commit -m "0.1.0"
$ git flow release publish 0.1.0
$ git flow release finish 0.1.0
$ git push --tags

Afterward, push your develop and master branches to remote using:

$ git push origin develop:develop
$ git push origin master:master



Name Method Description
/rwd/lat/lng GET Run RWD for DRB for client-supplied <lat> & <lng> coordinates.
/rwd-nhd/lat/lng GET Run RWD for NHD for client-supplied <lat> & <lng> coordinates.


Name Type Required/Optional Description
simplify number optional Simplify tolerance for response GeoJSON. Request unsimplified shape with simplify=0. Defaults to 0.0001 for DRB and is derived from the shape's area for NHD when not supplied.
maximum_snap_distance number optional Maximum distance to snap input point. Defaults to 10000 when not supplied.
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